The cool air will help prevent obesity and diabetes – scientists

Left open the window at night, which will be continuously fresh air, will help prevent type II diabetes and obesity.

Figured it out by scientists from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

In the study, they examined data on average temperatures and diabetes in all 50 States, GUAM, Puerto Rico, and the virgin Islands.

The results showed that with each degree the number of cases of diabetes per thousand people increased by 0,314. Thus, the routine in the warm homes and offices leads to thousands of cases of obesity and diabetes in a year worldwide.

According to researchers, the human body formed by two types of fat: white, which stored calories, and brown, which is recycled into energy, which is including to heat the body.

Thus, the higher the ambient temperature, the fewer calories you consume in, which leads to weight gain and development of diabetes. Cooling of the body can accelerate the metabolism by a third, and chills and even allows you to spend up to 400 calories per hour.