About the “Russian spring” in the Arab Twitter

Events in Russia attracted the attention of Arab social media users, especially the Syrians, who sarcastically welcomed the “Russian spring” and gave advice to the protesters. Making a publication, they used the hashtag #sovetika and #Russkaia.

The Syrian opposition, writer, Omar Idlibi recommended to pass on those hashtags, because “they contain valuable advice”.

Someone wrote: “Is the “Arab spring” has infected the Russian people? Demonstrations in Moscow against Russian President Vladimir Putin? We told you that Putin does not interfere in our Affairs.”

Someone mockingly spoke in the same context: “Started the “Russian spring”? A wave of demonstrations swept across Russian cities, arrested the leader of the opposition, and Putin cares about us, he cares about the Russian army, “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” and its Chechen leader”.

The Omani physician and writer Zakaria a Mahram wrote: “the beginning of the Russian spring, and the glorious Arab youth chanting the slogan (“the people want to overthrow the regime”). Whether Pushkin square in Moscow “Tahrir square?””

The review said the following: “Only in the Arab countries it is called the “Arab spring”, and what is happening in Russia, it is better to call the “Russian autumn”: will fall leaves.”

On Sunday, authorities arrested Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as well as hundreds of his supporters during a rally against corruption across Russia. These demonstrations are among the largest of the actions against Vladimir Putin after his return to the Kremlin in 2012.

In Moscow, where in the city centre despite the ban gathered thousands of protesters have been arrested at least 700 people, according to the website “OVD-info”, specializing in the monitoring of political actions, while police announced the arrest of around 500 protesters. To disperse the protesters from the streets, authorities used water, tear gas, batons and police dogs.

For its part, news Agency “Interfax” reported more than 130 detainees in St. Petersburg.

After police arrested Navalny, emerging from the subway (and he plans to compete with Putin in the presidential election in 2018), he spent the night under arrest, on Monday to appear before the court, as reported by his press Secretary Kira Armys Twitter.

Navalny called for demonstrations after its publication, in which he accused Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that he is in charge of “Empire” of real estate owned by the richest people in the country.

This investigation was published in the form of a film, which gained 20 million views on YouTube, but caused no reaction from the authorities, like other studies published by the organization of the Bulk. She first spoke out against the Kremlin, saying about corruption of the Russian elite.

Navalny began to accuse the Russian government of corruption a few years ago. He won the municipal elections in Moscow in October 2013, gaining 27.2% of votes. The prospects for his nomination in the upcoming presidential elections unclear, since he was sentenced to five years imprisonment on charges of embezzlement.

Using # hashtag #sovetika communicated with each other, many politicians, journalists and activists in Syria. It left a lot of comments, both serious and with a touch of irony.

Some of them “Russian rebels” caution advised to form a coalition or national Council and others recommended through the efforts of analyst, Sharif Shahada to deny the existence of the capital called Moscow!

In the comments wrote: “the Last six years taught us a lot. A protester marches through the streets of the city, and then with a weakened vocal cords and swollen feet coming home.”

Someone also wrote: “Act on the nerves of the government and politicians only through the inscriptions on the walls, write on the walls of institutions, building intelligence and get out.”

Commenting on the event, the representative of the Russian base in Hamima said: “the Demonstrators in Russia (committing an act of sabotage) not stated clearly about their requirements, with the exception of some phrases which are not based on a clear vision of the goals of economic or political reforms. In this photo one of the protesters holds a placard on which is written the call to President Putin of withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and Ukraine.”

Also mentions that Russia is now legally established a dictatorship in which the current President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev alternately succeed each other in the positions of President and Prime Minister. Thus they bypass the Constitution, which limits the stay of one person at the head of the state two terms, and all this against the background of financial and administrative corruption, which has turned part of the population of Russia in the most unfortunate and poorest people in the world.

Finally, in the words of one commentator, if earlier, the Syrians bombarded the songs of Umm Kulthum (one of the most famous throughout the Arab world the Egyptian singer, the years of life — 1923-1973 — approx. ed.) and recovered, listening to Fairuz (Lebanese singer, born in 1935 approx. ed.), today the situation has changed — now they sleep on the mortars and the road, adapted to the local mode song “Antoshka”.