Crimea will long spoon of tar in a barrel of honey

Crimea — the Peninsula that was part of various States for centuries. In this respect he is no different from many other areas. Its geographical location also makes it geopolitically important object.

When Russia three years ago seized Crimea by force of arms, and later annexed, formed a chronic sore point in international politics. Current views of the different parties to the conflict in the situation, make the resolution of the crisis impossible. Or Russia, or the rest of the world need to concede.

From the point of view of Russia for the military operation there was a serious reason. She didn’t want Ukraine’s rapprochement with the West, and sought to secure a naval port in Sevastopol. However, the term of the agreement on the Russian lease of port in force until 2042, but the fall of Yanukovych’s administration, probably, was considered a threat to the extension of the contract.

Military bases in other countries are Russia, aspiring to the status of a global superpower, the important characters. And to save them, she seems willing to make great sacrifices. This willingness is visible in Syria, where the fall of the administration of al-Assad would mean for Russia the loss of the base in Latakia.

Crimean issue affects a lot. The most recent victim — the case of the participant of Eurovision from Russia. According to Ukraine, it had previously visited the country illegally, as were in Crimea. In accordance with the requirement of Ukraine, foreigners traveling to the Crimea, would have to be a separate permit.

This, seemingly small, but symbolically a serious question clearly shows how the Crimea complicates many things and causes confusion in international relations. Mutual sanctions between the West and Russia is just one example.

The decision about the seizure of Crimea was spontaneous. The operation for the annexation of the Peninsula, however, had long prepared. It used the instability in Ukraine, information exposure, and of course the armed forces. The government of Ukraine was forced not to resist, threatening occupation of the whole country. Ukrainian troops moved to the Russian side that was hardly possible without a well planned and conducted operations.

In this situation, the so-called Budapest Memorandum, under which Russia, the US and Britain guaranteed Ukraine’s integrity of its borders in exchange for the elimination of its nuclear Arsenal is not particularly helpful.

By lying about the origin of “little green men” Russia has won time and has put the West even before the incident. She even threatened the West with nuclear weapons in case if he will try the naked method is to return the Crimea to Ukraine.

The ability of the authoritarian administration to make decisions quickly secured a victory over democratic arguments, drawing on law and the decisions would take into account different points of view. Military lessons of the seizure of Crimea marked and raising the level of combat readiness and development of new methods of warfare, including in Finland. To respond to the threat now need faster.

In addition, the seizure of Crimea interferes with Ukraine and Russia to normalize relations. When countries and peoples are so strongly related to each other, the hostility originated and maintained in this way, reaches the bone.

Ukraine was supposed to be the most important partner of Russia in the Eurasian Union, created in opposition to the West. Now, however, voluntary adherence does not seem possible, at least for several generations. The situation in the Crimea and war in Eastern Ukraine and prevent Ukraine’s integration with the West and deprive it of the weakened economy a chance to develop.

Russia has created a buffer zone, “the nobody’s earth” from abandoned and active conflicts in the border area.

These conflicts allow the neighbors to move closer to the West and, in practice, make them dependent on the Kremlin.

If Putin deems it necessary, it may exacerbate the conflict and to use the absolute power in the area, which falls within the scope of his interests. Russia holds over Ukraine and its military forces continue to participate in the fighting in the Donbass. Military action there erupt and subside at the request of the Kremlin. The last battle only intensified, and Ukrainian troops are losing daily.

After the seizure of Crimea has been significantly strengthened in the military. On its territory were placed modern weapons. Currently, there are conducted large-scale amphibious exercises. The deployment of troops and sparking battles in the East of Ukraine hold the Ukrainian government in constant fear of a possible attack.

Russia has long wanted to establish a land link to the Peninsula, because at the moment from Russia it can only be reached by sea. The establishment of the land connection will make possible large-scale offensive in the direction Mariupol along the coast of the Black sea.

The project connecting Russia and Crimea with the help of the bridge is underway. 19-kilometer bridge across the Kerch Strait, should provide the movement of trains and cars on the Peninsula. The project, however, encountered difficulties. Its value is constantly increasing, in any case, it is several billion euros, and the completion date was postponed several times. It was originally planned that the construction of the bridge will be completed by the end of next year, but this goal is impossible to achieve.

Military security and the construction of the bridge cost Russia dearly. As well as providing the population of the Peninsula. After all, Crimeans promised a lot of good stuff before the referendum. Defenders of the annexation of Crimea referring to the referendum, the result of which was unanimous accession to Russia. The vote was not democratic or legitimate, but probably in some degree reflect the mood of the Crimean people during that period. Now about the opinion of Crimeans reliable information there.

The annexation of Crimea has served many military and civil purposes. However, his people have presented it as a story about returning home. The slogan “Crimea is ours” is now thoroughly nailed to the soul of the people.

Since international law and society thinks about this differently, Crimea is an obstacle for a normal dialogue of Russia with the rest of the world. The Russians saying one thing and the rest of the world says. For this situation an easy solution is not found.