How to take good selfies and start making photos

Photo shoots, selfies and fotopostanovki very popular today. Someone need pictures for social networks, someone is saving them for the family archive and some like photographing/taking pictures “with a twist”, and plan to make it. At the same time all without exception is the pictures are so good that they can’t avert your eyes, but full and not too good shots. Concerning the latter: worst of all, when a memorable moment is very important to capture, the time it is a little (could only do a few photos), but in the end they don’t turn out like I would like. Professionals believe that those who like to be photographed you need to know a few simple rules, and a passion for photography more seriously — take courses, read specialiter and explore your camera.


Fans selfi images practically made a revolution in photography, creating his own philosophy and by making these images an integral part of social life. But “glamorous” photos do not so simple. “The biggest problem with selfies is that the person taking pictures of himself and can’t handle their completeness, explains the photographer Anna Savelova, specializing in the processing of self-images. — Those who obtained the photo full actually admit two mistakes. First, too close to hold a smartphone, and at the same time “capture” in the wrong body volume. Weight also adds selfie, where a lot of space at the top of the picture and photos only the head and shoulders to mid chest. In the end people get the “square”. And if he still got a belly, like many, the weight will add even slim. Therefore, in the first case it is good to get a selfie-stick. And the second is to find out a good way. And even if sucking your stomach in, try to do it gently”.

Need to look casual not to involve the stomach and do not stick out the lips.

The second important point noted by selvamani is the increase in individual sections of the face in the picture. You can often hear that people are unhappy with their the too big nose or forehead in the photo. “You can handle it two ways: to align the tone of the face, after which the plots which are given, slightly dimming by, for example, powders, says photographer Sonia pozhivanova. — In addition, you need to do the slightly above and not directly the front, and a little “Flirty” and substituting the camera a good side of her face, at the same time plunging a little cheeks and tracing the position of the lips. The protrusion, if there is such a habit, should be easy, but it is better to do without it. First, on the subject of too many jokes, and second, overdo it, you can get the photo long nose, awkward cheekbones and too expressive/inexpressive eyes and “too much” forehead in the picture”. In addition, specialists advise you to use the effects of camera or smartphone and put “day”, “night”, “portrait”, etc.

Pictures of the company. Make sure that each showed the camera her best face.


The first tip for those who plan to work as a photographer or make it their main work is to finish at least the most budget courses (from 500 UAH) and a lot of reading about photography. “Beginners need to know what parameters should have a camera, if you buy new, or highlight the strengths of the camera that you already have, says photographer-photographer Yuri Bilyk. — Knowing the effects, you can always quickly adjust the camera and capture the desired frame (rain, accident, natural phenomenon, meeting important guests, etc.).

LOCATION. The second point that customers often complain about the photographer — the poverty of imagination regarding places for photoshoots (even when the locations are specially created photo galleries), and the fact that people often do not know how to become a specialist they can not tell, hoping for improvisation. “It is desirable that the “newcomer” were prepared a set of locations, — explains the photographer. — That is, if it is a Park or square, 10 to 20 different angles. They should be such that once it was even hard to say that a series of pictures of the same place.”

A SAMPLE OF THE PEN. I would recommend the photographer first, go to the places and “zero”. Still useful to bring a patient model (friend, girlfriend) and see how best to put the person/couple/people to the dignity of this place was also visible. “That’s all you need to record in a notebook, which, incidentally, is often neglected by people, worked on photography shoots, — says Yuri Bilyk. — Also need to pick up a dozen good poses to tell the clients where to put hands and as a couple/company become more profitable for a photo”.

TREATMENT. Also, the photographer must know how to process the photographs so they really were professional. To do this, you can learn photoshop (video tutorials on the Internet and the mountains of literature) or to choose courses of photography.