Maria Katasonova — amazing Russian fan of Le Pen

Arrived in France 21-year-old Maria Katasonova created an image of the home Russian fans of marine Le Pen. Only here there it is only a few months…

A few months ago she decided to become the main Russian fan of marine Le Pen. 6 Mar Maria Katasonova launched in Moscow the movement “Women over Marin” with the hashtag #Word4Marine (no more, no less). 20 days later, she personally met the candidate natsfronta and gave her 17 blue roses on the steps of the Kremlin. The video has become viral in nature, as originally planned.

Appeared in the pages of activists in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram footage was spread around the social network in Russia… and France.

On Monday, she arrived in France with a week-long trip. “I’m here because many people in France I was invited,” she replies to our questions on Twitter. According to her, she identified “participation in political activities, and communication with the simple French.” On Tuesday, for example, a planned visit to the National Assembly.

A sudden fascination with the leader of NF

On the question of what she was doing, Maria calls herself a “political activist” and, without going into details, he says he works in the State Duma. In fact, she is the assistant Deputy of the ultranationalist Yevgeny Fyodorov, because last year failed to pass in Parliament in the lists of the far-right party “Rodina”. In that time, she led a campaign against Clinton t-shirts, and not even hinted about marine Le Pen on Twitter.

But why this sudden fascination with the leader of the National front? “Basically, I recorded a video in support of a month ago,” admits the young activist. And makes such a weird detail to throw in, “But I began to follow her activities much earlier a few elections ago…” judging by social media, her love for Le Pen arose shortly before the election Donald trump, whom she has supported along with other young Russians, including using frequently emblazoned on rallies triple portrait.

It depicts Vladimir Putin, Donald trump and marine Le Pen: their faces look so much younger and surrounded by a kind of halo, like in the icon. According to Mary, the picture was painted in 2015. Who? Accurate information we have, but the activist tells about a group of painters patriots “White star”, which includes herself. “At that moment, no one can’t imagine that trump will win,” she continues. By the way, going to France for a month before the presidential election, she brought a reproduction of this “triptych” to give it to Marin.

Another copy has already been awarded to Marion maréchal Le Pen (Marion Maréchal Le Pen), as Katasonova wrote in Instagram.

The activist believes the triptych look to the future, a symbol of the beginning of the nationalist era. In its submission to the Donald trump won the election, marine Le Pen will win in may of this year, and Vladimir Putin re-elected in 2018. When it comes to Le Pen, Mary very seriously its role of leader of the “Women marine”. According to her, the one “best able to prevent the destruction of Europe.” She believes that “Merkel and Hollande only weakened Europe” and “can’t protect her from the terrorist threat.” It is almost word for word repeats everyone to listen, as evidenced on her small of the February material on BFMTV, which she placed like a trophy, on pages in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Video Maria Katasonova on the establishment of “Women marine” (with English and French subtitles) scored thousands of views. But who is funding the movement and her trip to France this week? In an interview with Quartz, the activist says that working in your spare time and at his own expense. And her admiration for the leader natsfronta is because she believes it is “nationalistic leader of France. It is as unique as our President. But brings them together to protect the national interests of their countries and peoples.” Clear.

On Twitter, she actively “revisit” the message supporters of NetFront as, for example, it was during the first debate of candidates. The same, incidentally, deals and many other Russian users.

Pro-Kremlin activist

Ephemeral passion or thought support? The fact that before becoming an ardent defender of Le Pen in social networks and begin posting photos of young members of the NF in Twitter, Maria Katasonova defended and other Pro-Kremlin position for several years. A cursory inspection of her Instagram page says she fought against the Shah and Clinton, but at the same time for Assad and Pro-Russian militants in Ukraine.

As Vice writes, during the inauguration of Donald trump 20 Jan Maria and other activists gathered at a school near the Kremlin to live on Twitter to cover the event. Earlier, Maria “lit up” at a demonstration in Moscow in support of Assad and Putin.

According to the analyst Yuri Krupnov, Maria Katasonova came to prominence at the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. Then she started working with Evgeny Fedorov, and the Internet, and Newspapers began to appear a lot of photos of her in the image of traditional Russian patriot.

In addition, she regularly appears on Pro-Russian propaganda videos on YouTube channels Free Live Donetsk and Donbas. Particularly popular at the time, received the following video: Maria in a white coat with the arms first, happy New year, and then moves on to threats. “If we lose, it will destroy the whole world,” she warns.

“Maria is very symbolic the girl, — said Yuri Krupnov. — Once in Russia there is no real election struggle, all this pathos looks very ambiguous”. Propaganda takes the form of show business, and “it becomes difficult to distinguish truth from lies.”