DTEK warns of the dangers of working in the occupied enterprises

DTEK suggests that in the seized enterprises on the temporarily uncontrolled territory possible the resumption of economic activity. With the loss of control of DTEK companies no longer control these assets, the compliance with safety regulations, therefore, warns about the risks of working in these enterprises.

DTEK to capture ensured that all the requirements of normative and technical documents in the sphere of labor protection and industrial safety. In addition, the company paid a special training, education, certification and retraining of personnel. Whether will be provided safe working conditions on these assets currently, the company does not know.

Therefore, DTEK is not recommended to work in enterprises which are now managed by unknown individuals. For anyone who wants to go to work for the company in the controlled area, from 15 to 31 March, support Center personnel. It is aimed at all DTEK employees who worked on the temporarily uncontrolled territories, each application is considered on an individual basis.

“Some workers may be misled, assuming that the company is still controlled by the company. This is due to the fact that at the seized companies are now illegally used corporate symbols of DTEK. We reiterate that the company lost the ability to control the assets in the uncontrolled territory and cannot guarantee the performance of there safety standards”, – said the head of the crisis staff of DTEK Denis Didenko.

We will remind, in connection with the loss of control of entities located on the temporarily uncontrolled territories of DTEK opened a support Center staff to receive requests to transfer to the enterprises in the controlled area.