The Scottish Parliament voted for the new referendum on independence – media

The Scottish Parliament voted to hold a second referendum on independence from Britain, announced Tuesday the British newspaper “the guardian”.

Also, the majority of parliamentarians supported the amendment, according to which participation in the referendum will make the Scots at the age of 16 years.

Thus, the first Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon will now be able to request the holding of a referendum in the UK Parliament.

Earlier in March, Prime Minister Theresa may stated that a second referendum on Scottish independence should not be, not yet completed negotiations on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. In response to this N.Sturgeon has demanded to hold a referendum within the next two years and appealed for support to the local Parliament.

On the eve of may and Sturgeon met to discuss this issue in one of the hotels in Glasgow. Agreement on the necessity of a referendum they didn’t.

In September 2014, in Scotland, has conducted such a referendum. Supporters of independence lost, because 55.3% of Scots voted against secession of Scotland from the UK. During the referendum on Brexit 62% of Scots voted that the UK should remain part of the EU.