Andriy Shevchenko – about the new format of the world Cup

Monday Zurich took place the awarding of prizes FIFA best players and coaches in 2016. The ceremony was attended by the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko.

– Tell us about your impressions from this event?
– I with pleasure accepted the invitation by FIFA to participate in this award. Impressions are very positive: in comparison to previous seasons, this year there were a lot of football people, I was pleased to meet old friends, chat with Cafu, with the Zvonimir Boban. He, like Marco van Basten, and many other former players now working in the structure of the international Federation, and it is a sign of a new time, a sign of the changes in this institution.

– Among Your peers-coaches were an interesting person?
– Yes, of course, was the best, it’s the award in the global category. I spoke with Roy Hodgson, Alex Ferguson. We talked probably for over an hour.

– It is no secret that You were told sir Alex?
– Ferguson remembered Lobanovskiy, he in conversation with me, noted the huge contribution made Valery in the development of the game. I was very pleased to hear that. Well Claudio, we congratulate you on the victory, I voted for him. It’s an incredibly good year for Ranieri, he did what seemed absolutely impossible – won one of the strongest leagues in the world by a small team without stars. It returns us all to the essence of football – in this game to win not only money, as it may seem today, and especially those who most wants to win. Also deservedly won her the prize Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a very successful year in his career. He won major titles, and, very importantly, demonstrated a remarkable stability. To spend 80 games at such a high level is a great achievement. I’m glad the award was given to Falcao, his career and skill has really changed the game. He is a talented and hardworking player, a phenomenon.

– What about expanding the number of participants of the world championship?
– All with whom I spoke very approvingly embraced this innovation. The expansion of the world Cup to 48 teams is a step towards the development of the game, is the motivation for the middle teams to progress, because they will now have a real chance to participate in the finals of the world Cup. In that decision, felt the new approach, which is used now in FIFA for the solution of global problems of football.