Belarus approached the IMF loan – Lukashenko

Belarus were to agree on only two questions in the negotiations for the IMF loan – the cost of housing services and management of state-owned enterprises. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko.

“As for the IMF, I have already talked about this, we have two problems left – the management of SOEs and utilities… we have no differences,” – said Lukashenko during a press conference.

The first Vice-Premier of Belarus Vasily Matyushevsky, which is negotiating with the IMF, added that “there are two question, these questions of high readiness study, it remains to make a political decision.”

Answering the question about the options of refinancing debt that are considered in Minsk, he said that “I don’t know why you’re talking directly about refinancing (foreign debt – Ed.) if necessary, we will think about it, but while we expect this year on their own, how much you need to pay.”

“Last year we completely paid off the debts, I think it will be this year, if you need to refinance, we can refinance”, – concluded the Matyushevsky.

Recall Belprus discusses the possibility of obtaining from the IMF program in the amount of up to $ 3.5 billion.