Blind spot

We can’t see what’s going on. The sky rained with bombs. Gunfire, blood, incendiary shells of all kinds. Then a little message… Reuters Reports: “”the Democratic forces of Syria” took the city al-Karama, which is considered the last important city in the East of Raqqa”.

To understand what this war is described in the map like “the comic,” heavy the game is played out in human lives, it is necessary to pay attention to what was going on.

USA, to clear interest to their district from the ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), first showered him with a hail of bombs. Then, in order not to endanger the lives of their military, the United States sent forces of the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) in mined or uncharted terrain. So, on the one hand, the US administration does not put its military at risk. On the other — PYD, cousin of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK), receives from the United States “a visa to the Autonomous region”.

Please note, as a result of bombing there are heavy losses among the civilian population. First sweep air price losses among civilians… Then the forces of PYD, trained by the us military… the terms of the deal clear.

The United States said: “I will strike ISIS from the air. Then you’re going to take risks on the ground. At the same time you get a visa to autonomy…” This is the place where the bargaining for human lives, the lives of women and children. A blind spot, which the world does not see…

Operation in raqqa

That shows this course of events?

Obviously, the United States will continue its cooperation with the terrorist organization the people’s protection Units (YPG).

Explain that position in three paragraphs.

1) the US does not want to endanger the lives of their military.

2) the United States, apparently, sat down at the negotiating table with Assad about the actions of the YPG in the direction of autonomy.

3) the United States believes that in the moment when they abandon the YPG, they will give them to Russia.

In other words, YPG has created serious competition between the two superpowers. In this bloody game, which is described in the map like a “comic”… the United States and Russia in some form legalize YPG. Operation in raqqa, it seems, will be conducted. And that this challenging part.

As for Assad… he was not concerned with territorial losses. But would not leave the presidency. And if only Turkey was in a difficult position. Okay, but where on this map man? Someone asks people? Right here is a blind spot.