Bulgarian readers: the decision of Erdogan’s Hagia Sophia is the game for concessions

Russian Patriarch: if Hagia Sophia becomes a mosque, it is a threat to Christianity

Patriarch Kirill called the transformation of Hagia Sophia into a mosque as “a threat to Christian civilization and, therefore, our spirituality and history.” The Kremlin also urged Ankara to remember that the Museum is a world heritage site. The Cathedral is very fond of tourists visiting Turkey, “including tourists from Russia, for which this place also has spiritual value,” said Dmitry Peskov. However, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that he believes any criticism of the status of Hagia Sophia encroachment on the sovereignty of Turkey. Readers of the Bulgarian edition of “Diary” I think the talk about the “threat to Christian civilization” exaggeration, and the plans of Erdogan’s political game, which, however, may withdraw it sideways.



Technically nothing can stop the Sultan if he decides to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque! But the opposite is true — many Muslim churches operating in Europe at the present time, could become future Museum exhibits, and after appropriate redevelopment — even in Christian churches! Of course, if the authorities are state officials, not listening to the threats of Islamic fundamentalists!


Such statements only increase the chances that Erdogan will actually carry out his threat. And if he does, then what will the Russians do?


I always found it funny how the Turks, ponastavili minarets around Hagia Sophia, I think that they really did make a difference. Let them at least a hundred times I will say that it’s a mosque, everyone knows what is Saint Sophia.


What they were concerned about Christianity like they had something in common with him there

Julian Mall

“The Ecumenical Patriarch, head of Orthodox Church of Greece, France and the United States criticized the plans of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s popular among some of his conservative supporters and (according to some polls) more than half of the electorate. Bulgaria has not yet decided what position to take” — Only these three countries and the Russian Patriarch have dared to criticize Turkey’s decision, reviving the darkest traditions of the Ottoman Empire! It’s a shame the civilized world, which talks about tolerance, but when religious tolerance is being trampled in such a radical way, she would prefer not to irritate “superpower” Turkey!


Obviously Erdogan is doing this to get some concessions, either from the EU or from Russia — it is only these three know. Most likely, this game is related to interests in Libya, or is it an attempt by Erdogan to block part of the Mediterranean sea for oil.

Dupe Of Takirov

Both Putin and Erdogan — the dictators using religion as a tool of power. Islam or Christianity — doesn’t matter. Just a brand. Of course, Putin something protocal to act out his role before his subjects, but will not do anything.

Nicholas Buckow

It would be very stupid if Hagia Sophia mosque will do it now, because in the region are maturing, significant changes, and additional hostility of the Erdogan undesirable, and that to the Church, so this question remains open for many years…


But it already became a mosque. Many centuries ago. With four minarets. She’s just inactive. At the moment.


Such a direct “threat to the whole of Christian civilization”


Putin has built in Moscow’s largest mosque in Europe. Erdogan decided that it’s a challenge, and restored the services in Hagia Sophia.