The scandal with Russia came to family trump

Those were the Golden days for fans of the scandals. Washington hasn’t seen since the days of Watergate and “Iran-contra” — in other words, for almost twenty years. In many respects the current “Kremlar” as it is called scandal about ties of the team trump with Russia, this is a very special case.

When has the Director of FBI said that its agents are investigating allegations that the President and his closest aides, including senior adviser (aka in-law), guilty of colluding with a hostile foreign government? Never. But it is said on 20 March, James Comey, speaking in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence. He said that his people learn “the nature of relationships between people of the headquarters of the trump and the Russian government, trying to figure out whether there were any interactions between the staff and Russia.”

Events became even more surreal, because Komi and speaking with him in the intelligence Committee, Admiral Michael Rogers of the national security Agency almost called his boss and commander in chief a liar, publicly ignoring his statement that former President Barack Obama was tailing him. “I have no information in confirmation of these tweets, although we carefully checked everything in the FBI,” said Comey. Referring to desperate assertions of Donald trump that Obama asked to start tailing him, the British spy Agency the government communications Centre, Rogers said, “From the NSA I have not seen anything that would indicate our participation in such activities, or the fact that someone asked us to engage in such activities”.

It is impossible even to imagine that J. Edgar Hoover publicly accused thus some of the presidents under which he was led by the FBI. However, in Komi there were grounds for such a step, as trump demonstrated that he is willing to besmirch the reputation of the intelligence community for the sake of its own credibility. Although Hoover has suffered this paranoia, always thinking about the “subversive elements”, which sneak in the bodies of state power, even he did not reach to hint at a possible conspiracy between the American President and the Russian ruler.

But the revelations are just beginning. March 22, two days after the hearings in the intelligence Committee, told the Associated Press that in 2005 by Paul Manafort, some time head of the campaign headquarters trump, signed with the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska the contract for $ 10 million per year for the provision of “implications for policy on commercial transactions and for coverage in the US press, Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union in a favorable light to the government of President Putin.” This is in addition to the fact that Manafort working for the ousted Ukrainian leader and a close ally of the Kremlin, Viktor Yanukovych. Clumsy attempts by the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer to take the President away from Manafort (he said that the chief of staff trump “played a very limited role in a very short time”) only underscored how serious these revelations.

And of course, Manafort this is hardly the only assistant trump support suspicious ties with Moscow. We recently learned that the first Advisor to trump on national security Michael Flynn in 2015 received 68 thousand dollars working as a consultant to Russian firms. Advisor to trump on foreign policy Carter Paige maintained close ties with the Kremlin and the state oil companies. Perennial trump Advisor Roger stone has admitted that communicated with 2.0 Guccifer (the pseudonym used by Russian intelligence to organize leak discrediting information on Hillary Clinton) and head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange (another bogus Russian organization). “Believe me, soon Podesto fry in the pan,” wrote stone on 21 August 2016 on Twitter. It was a few weeks before WikiLeaks began to publish email messages stolen from the chief of staff, Clinton John Podestà.

It turns out that before the inauguration of trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner) was found not only with the Russian Ambassador in Washington, but also a confidant of Putin Sergey Gorkov, who worked in the Russian special services, and now heads the state Bank made in U.S. sanctions list. No one knows what they discussed; but it is possible that Kushner, whose family firm in real estate in dire need of foreign financing, hoping to get investment from the Russian Bank in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars that he intends to get involved with the Beijing leadership of Chinese companies. (It is surprising how Kouchner enough time not only to class politics in relation to Russia but also to the mediation efforts for peace in the middle East for consultations on relations with China, Mexico and Canada, as well as the entire reorganization of the us government. Of course, Ivanka trump has found herself a husband with an extraordinary and hitherto unknown talents.)

Perhaps there are innocuous explanation of all these contacts between trappiste and Putinists. Perhaps. But the huge volume of correspondence and communication, and attempts to hide these facts indicate the possibility of the existence of bad relationships which go far beyond the well-known admiration of trump Putin. According to anonymous sources, CNN, “the FBI has information that indicates that the assistant to the President Donald trump spoke with the suspicious Russian officials who could be intelligence agents and coordinate the publication of defamatory headquarters of the Clinton information.”

Of course, the published evidence to support such serious accusations there. But now we already know enough to demand a vigorous and impartial investigation. However, there is no doubt that committees of the house of representatives and Senate intelligence initiate it. Who heads the house Committee on intelligence, Republican from California, Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes) compromised work as part of the transition team trump and inappropriate to protect the trump in this dirty business.

March 22, núñez reached that revealed secret information indicating that either the trump or his aides could be “random” legitimate objects of surveillance. Apparently, Nunez got this information from a representative of the secret service from the White house, and did not bother to inform about it the members of his Committee. Instead, he rushed to confirm insolvent trump statements about abusive actions of the former President Obama.

Trump was, predictably, require rehabilitation, but in fact, information Nunez hardly justifies it. First, even Nunez did not say that Obama did something wrong, or that the trump was the object of surveillance. Most likely, trump or any of his assistants recorded that they spoke with someone who was under a legitimate observation. This is not the Nixon of Watergate, reported via Twitter that trump even the intelligence community is not particularly carefully concealed the identity of the people trump. In any case, hardly anyone will soothe that trump or his aides have regular contact with people was shadowed in a criminal or counterintelligence investigation. Nunez revelations raise more questions than answers. What are these shady characters spoke trump and/or his assistants and why? What motivated the member of the intelligence which they say that he caused the leak? And why núñez and trump is very selective in his outrage about leaks, objecting only when the published information harmful to the President?

The only way to solve this mystery is to appoint a special Prosecutor who will lead the investigation on behalf of the Ministry of justice and a bipartisan Commission will hold a public inquiry. This can be done either by the special Committee of the house of representatives and the Senate, or the Board side, like the one that investigated the September 11 attacks. Such an investigation will either justify trump’s and restore his good name — or not. Anyway, it will make some diversity in an endless series of revelations.

Reminds us columnist for the New York Times Charles blow (Charles Blow), November 3, headquarters trump made a televised address, declaring: “Hillary can’t lead the country while under investigation”. The same can be said about trump. He can’t lead the country, having stuck in the swamp “Kremerata”. Therefore in his interest to organize a credible investigation, which will promptly understand the confusion. Of course, if he has nothing to hide. But if you have something to hide, in this case, his behaviour today, as well as the desire to throw everyone off and confuse quite logical.