The national debt of Ukraine increased the Treasury

Total public (direct) and guaranteed debt of Ukraine in February 2017 rose to 1,941 trillion UAH, or of 71.76 billion. This is stated in the message published on the website of the Ministry of Finance, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to the report, public debt by the end of February amounted to 1,666 trillion UAH, or 61,58 billion., including external 977,64 billion, or 36,14 billion. Government guaranteed debt amounted to 275,43 billion UAH, or of 10.18 billion., including external 256,32 billion, or 9.47 billion dollars.

“During January-February 2017 the sum of public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine increased hryvnia equivalent of 11.60 billion, while in dollar terms, public and publicly guaranteed debt increased by 0.79 billion us dollars, – underlined in the message.

As explained in the Ministry of Finance, the main reason for these changes is the implementation of the state budget financing at the expense of government borrowing, the capitalization of PJSC “State export-import Bank of Ukraine”, PJSC “State savings Bank of Ukraine” and PJSC CB “PRIVATBANK”.