Details of the criminal scheme to seize Damascus and overthrow Assad

Private sources reported that there was a terrorist conspiracy against the Syrian capital with the participation of secret services of several countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Turkey, Israel and France, Britain and the United States that logistic support terrorist groups.

Sources say, the meeting of representatives of intelligence agencies where this criminal scheme was given the final touches, represents the greatest danger. It was held in the camp by the Israeli army in the occupied part of the Golan heights. The meeting was attended by leaders of terrorist groups “Nasr” and “Army of Islam”, as well as representatives of terrorist groups, which are controlled by the intelligence agencies of neighboring countries of Syria.

Sources said that the essence of a conspiracy is to send more members of terrorist groups in the Syrian capital to support existing cells of terrorist organizations, and to conduct subversive activities in different parts of Damascus. At the same time planned the bombings in other cities, which are safe under state protection, and where at the moment, calm prevails. The idea is to create an atmosphere of chaos and disorder, which will cause large number of deaths from terrorism of citizens. In the future, Israeli media by the exhaust fabricated news affecting the foundations and institutions of the Syrian state will be to disseminate false statements that will hit the morale of the Syrian people.

Among the planned actions airstrikes by Israeli warplanes on vital Syrian military and civilian installations and institutions. It is also planned the arrival of special military forces, headed by intelligence of Saudi Arabia, which will be a unit consisting of representatives of different nationalities. In Syria, they will permeate through the southern border on the outskirts of Damascus, their goal is to raise the morale of terrorist groups and to join the ranks of the troops, “Nasr” and “Army of Islam”.

Such a plan has appeared after previous terrorist plot in Syria has failed. The policy that led the country before, failed, and for sponsoring terror, and desperate attempt to boost the morale of the terrorists collapsed due to the success and victories of the Syrian army.