Peace requires the restoration of democracy in Venezuela

Requirements of the world community, a quick and concerted action by the Venezuelan opposition foiled an attempted coup in this South American country. Due to the powerful storm of criticism and threats of sanctions from the world community, the Supreme court of Caracas had to cancel the deprivation of National Assembly democratically elected and with a predominance of opposition deputies, all legislative authority. But let’s not to fool themselves. The chavismo finally threw off the mask and showed how far he would go to preserve their power.

All the steps taken by the regime in recent times, like a flight from reality. The government feels that was cornered by the discontent of the population, the economic crisis, unbearable shortage of essential goods.

And if the government was forced to back down, they did it because the ruling elite itself is already bursting at the seams, and this authoritarian step has intensified the divisions within it. The attorney General is very close to the Maduro government, this time could not state that there was a “violation of constitutional order”. And elements of the army were seriously concerned that the deprivation of the Parliament of powers may lead to a surge of violence. Given that all this occurred against the backdrop of almost unanimous condemnation from the international community, Maduro understood that the smell of fried.

And now it is necessary to strengthen international pressure on Bolivarian regime, because the suspension revolution was in no way a restoration of normal political life.

Legal state anymore. In recent months, Maduro has arrogated to itself unprecedented powers in the field of economy, security and defense, which made his power almost limitless. And the powers of Parliament are so limited that its decisions and laws which mean little, as the Bolivarian judicial system does not accept them for execution. After the legislative elections held in December 2015, when government officials were defeated in the National Assembly were handed down 56 judgments. This kind of harassment demonstrates that in the South American country has neither the constitutional order nor democracy.

The chavismo, as under Chavez and during the presidency of Maduro, systematically violated the fundamental freedoms and rights of citizens. Now he has unleashed a severe persecution of dissidents, filling prisons political prisoners, including opposition leader Leopoldo lópez (Leopoldo López). That is why is so important the voice of the international community, primarily the countries of the continent, which should force the government of Caracas urgently to hold transparent and fair presidential elections. They are currently the only solution that will allow Venezuela to regain much-needed socio-political stability. The organization of American States should take advantage of the Democratic Charter, which will allow her even to go on temporary exclusion of Venezuela from among its members. The use of this tool, pressure is inevitable. Organization common market of the South (Mercosur) urged Maduro to ensure the separation of authorities, to release immediately all political prisoners, warning that otherwise, sanctions will be taken.

This international pressure with street protests of Venezuelans in defense of democracy is the main way out of the current situation. And in this case Spain should play the role of the vanguard, having led all the necessary initiatives in the European Union, in order to prevent further impunity with which the authorities of Venezuela acting for many years now. Fortunately, most of the political forces of our country is well aware of what position you need to take in relation to the difficult situation in Venezuela. Very sorry the third highest number of seats in Parliament party “We can” (Podemos) has taken unworthy of the position, which violated the unity of political forces. Justification of a coup from the prominent figures of Podemos, such as Juan Carlos Monedero (Juan Carlos Monedero), could be considered as a joke if everyone didn’t look so dramatic. After all, themselves followers of Chavez were forced to admit that he had gone too far.

The opposition held out his hand Maduro, to jointly develop an agreed decision on the exit of the largest political crisis in decades. The President-populist, in response, slammed the door and reinforced repressive measures. It remains to be seen what will tell the Venezuelans the early elections.