What does the referendum in Turkey for Ukraine

The main question that we must ask in Ukraine — it is not the development of democracy in any country and how this country is geopolitically works with us or against us. We are always very attentive to the position of China in the UN Security Council, because we know that the position of this country can be important for voting by the Security Council to our questions. And it did not seem to pay attention to the level of democracy in China.

In the same way any other country is considered under the angle of how its actions in international politics are important to protect Ukrainian interests.

Turkey — absolutely the same situation here, no need to invent anything. To understand how Turkey’s interests coincide with our interests. And it turns out that the position of Turkey in recent years is well, just not Pro. The interests of Ankara and Moscow in the region do not match.

We have the same with the Turks interests often coincide because Russia is trying to be a monopoly of force in the region, and Turkey in the hamper. Therefore, indirectly helps to our interests. Of course, this does not mean that the friendship between Ukraine and Turkey forever, such geopolitics does not happen. But at least our countries have more common interests than different.

The referendum gives Erdogan the opportunity to obtain more powerful tools, primarily in foreign policy, because domestic policy is not so simple. Sure there will be protests. And on the outside of the arena he will be able to conduct a more assertive policy.
We have with the Turks interests often coincide because Russia is trying to be a monopoly of force in the region, as Turkey prevents

Interestingly, the West has no unified position regarding the referendum in Turkey. In Europe, they say that the referendum does not meet the standards, and it is obvious, will close for the country to negotiate on the prospects of EU membership. But in the United States, trump congratulated Erdogan on the results of the referendum. In the United States a foreign policy priority, the President has, so congratulations trump is an automatically greetings from the whole country.

It should be understood that countries that are in a difficult geopolitical situation, at war, needs to have a very hard consolidated the vertical of power. Usually this happens around presidents. Turkey is actually in a state of war: the next Syria, next Iran. In fact, the center of world political confrontation is near Turkey. So there need a very strong, balanced and serious steps in geopolitics. And so the consolidation of power will make Turkey stronger.

Parliamentarism can only be afforded by those countries that have the umbrella of protection, for example, NATO, or countries who have gone through all the stages of the reforms and they have no problems with security. in Ukraine, for example, we also can’t afford the constant change of governments, is inherent in the parliamentary Republic, it also needs understanding of a single vertical at war. It’s a tradition of Greek democracy, when during the war, the one who leads the government, was given more authority than in peacetime. I think Turkey has gone this way. Here is the logical answer to the challenges facing Turkey. You should not make sensation of it is the natural way for a democratic country, which gives a response to external challenges.

The fact that Erdogan has personal ambitions, and the fact that it all seems a model of liberal democracy is true, but we must choose priorities, and priorities in Turkey now, such as was expressed during the referendum.

If we talk about the success of Erdogan among Turks living abroad, we should speak about two main motivations. First, Turkey needs a strong foreign policy, and I think that the voices gave it for such a policy. Second, for the Turks living in Germany or the Netherlands, countries that have difficult relations with Turkey, the vote was an expression of his political positions to those processes that occur in the European Union.