Responsibility for the terrorist attack in London took on ISIS

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the attack in London.

As stated by the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, the British intelligence MI-5 several years ago, I checked the London terrorist in connection with suspicions in its address extremism, Reuters reports.

While Mei refused at present to disclose the identity of the terrorist.

Mei also said that the terrorist attack in London staged the Briton, who acted alone.

We will remind, the attack in London at the houses of Parliament occurred at 14.40 local time. The car going across Westminster bridge, drove on the sidewalk, knocked down several people, drove to the Parliament building.

There the attacker was stopped by the police. He stabbed a policeman who later died.

In the attack, according to the latest figures, killed four people and injured 40. The terrorist was eliminated the other cops.

Earlier it was reported that a manhunt is underway in Birmingham. Presumably, here lived a terrorist.