Manafort, Deripaska and “Russian traces”

Committee for intelligence agencies, house of representatives, U.S. Congress pursues two interrelated inquiries. One is a “Russian trace” in last year’s presidential campaign and possible illegal contacts on the people Donald trump with the Russian representatives. And, second, the assumptions voiced by the current President of the United States in the series of our March tweets on the subject that his predecessor, Barack Obama ordered us intelligence agencies at the finish of the election campaign to tap telephones at the headquarters of the Republican candidate.

On Wednesday, the two investigations has again attracted the attention of the media. What exactly has stirred up media interest in the ongoing investigation? Let’s start with the “Russian trace”. He was attacked by a leading news Agency Associated Press. The main person involved the publication AP — American named by Paul Manafort.

He was a businessman and political consultant. For many years worked for autocrats in the countries of the “third” world: Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines and Obubu Sese Seko in Zaire and the Party of regions of former President of Ukraine Yanukovych. In the early summer of last year, trump appointed him leader of his election headquarters, but a few months later, in late August, was removed from his post. Reason for leaving — surfaced in the Ukraine payroll, according to which Manafort received for their services over 12.5 million dollars from the secret Fund of the Party of regions is not clear on whose funds formed. People in the know admit that the means of the Kremlin — given the proximity of the party of Yanukovych to Moscow.

New in the Associated Press material was identified by the Agency relationship of Manafort with Pro-Kremlin oligarch Oleg Deripaska. At first, the Russian billionaire has invested in the investment Fund Manafort, then he began to have a person close to the Kremlin, and through it, of course, and a foreign state, not seen in the particular sympathy to America, delicate politonalnye services in Ukraine and in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Over the course of three years, from 2006 to 2009, American’s got 12 and a half million dollars, as originally intended, and the round sum of 50 million. At the time when Manafort joined the election campaign trump, former partners quarreled, and even Deripaska filed a lawsuit Manafort. However, using the vocabulary of American politkomiteta, the optics are really bad, that is the whole story looks very unsightly. But it is no crime. At least, according to the Associated Press. The white house said that trump knew nothing about the cooperation of Manafort with Deripaska.

So foes of trump from the number of congressmen in the Committee on residuosity cannot yet send the President out, which purpose, they are almost openly proclaim.

Another blow to Manafort, and, therefore, indirectly on the Tramp, was struck in the beginning of the week from overseas. From Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko — with a hint of crime. As said Leshchenko, a secret Ledger Yanukovych was discovered the recording, which seems to indicates that Manafort to his account in dummy offshore companies were transferred 750 thousand dollars; the translation was done by fake invoices in the order of payment for delivery of non-existent computers. And what American received the amount withheld. Manafort advanced contribuinte, calling the book a fiction and incriminates Leshchenko blackmail and extortion. In response, the Ukrainian MP said that the letter demanding money, the authorship of which it imputes Manafort is itself a fake. And that the Manafort pay for lobbying in Washington the interests of the Pro-Moscow oligarchs in Ukraine.

The Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, James Comey, speaking recently in Congress, refused to answer the question whether by Paul Manafort in the number of individuals the FBI check for the presence of illegal contacts with Russia. Referred to Komi on the existing practice of open cases, the Bureau has not commented. But this “open secret”. With a probability close to unity, Manafort list is.

Now about the new turn in the second investigation, which relates to the charges of three of the Obama administration about the wiretapping of the phones at his campaign headquarters in the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

On Wednesday, the Chairman of the Committee on residuosity Republican Devin Nunes, close to Trump the person in charge of his transition team, went to the White house with overwhelming, as noted, information. Definitely not confirming the charges trump, but making them can be a little more believable. The decision to pay a visit to the White house he took himself, without the consent of colleagues on the Committee. With the exception of the speaker of the house of representatives.

The act of Nunez, in his own expression of the members of his Committee from the Democratic party, extremely excited them, not to say shocked. Some have argued that the President step that questioned the objectivity of the ongoing investigation. However, given vernacularly political atmosphere in the capital, it is not surprising, if lexical collocations congressmen are sometimes overly emotional.

With this history the average American learned professional a word from the vocabulary of domestic intelligence services — unmasking, which means “to reveal, decrypt, reconsiderate”. In the enclosed documents prepared after the presidential election, which examined Nunez, said that the competent authorities, with the sanction of the court, during the wiretaps of conversations of Russian representatives in November last and January this year accidentally “hooked” by their American subscribers to “listen” without an individual warrant they had no right.

When this inadvertently happens, the identity of the American subscribers must immediately mask, but in this case this was not done, and transcript of remarks of the Americans were in the reports. Recipients of mailing it was not a narrow circle of persons, as dictated by the rules, and almost all agencies of the intelligence community. Here unmaskings, the disclosure of names. Moreover, these unmaskings were the subject of illegal leaks; one of them, recall, killed Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn, who was forced to leave the post of the assistant to the President for national security. Because of this, Devin Nunes with big fluctuations builds a hypothesis: who knows, maybe that’s just on the later, under the wiretap in the Trump Tower, if it really took place, got people trump, if not he himself?

Meanwhile, CNN, citing informed sources reported that the FBI has reason to suspect people close to Trump that during the election campaign, they coordinated with the Russian special services, the timing and nature thrown into the media space of the information discrediting Hillary Clinton. This information the Russian hackers allegedly stole from the National Committee of the Democratic party. In contrast to the distribution of fake news on Clinton, which Democrats also accuse the team of trump, the collusion with a foreign power with the aim of using stolen confidential information against the candidate in US presidents is a gross violation of the legislation governing the elections, and “pulls” on the criminal charges.