In the US, rising anti-Russian sentiment: would approve of this tramp?

In American government circles spread anti-Russian sentiments. The President trump has not lost the desire to improve relations with Russia, but diplomatic and military officials speak of Russia with the relations with allied countries. It is likely that trump will be forced to accept it.

There is a danger that in the case of improving Russian-American relations under the administration of the trump of Japan, which had hoped for a favorable environment for the development of the negotiations on the “Northern territories”, will have to reconsider its policy.

After trump won the presidency, his entourage really tried to develop relations with Russia.

According to the newspaper The New York Times of 20 February, in early February, the personal lawyer of the President of trump and three deputies of the Verkhovna Rada presented the trump adviser for national security, Michael Flynn, who spoke for the correction of relations with Russia, the peace plan in Ukraine.

In exchange for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Eastern Ukraine the Ukrainians in a referendum to elect a deadline of Crimea is leased by Russia for 50 or 100 years.

However, the Ukrainian government reacted to this proposal negatively. From Flynn’s answer is also not followed, so this project never saw the light.

After that the atmosphere for improving relations with Russia have gone from bad to worse. In mid-February it became known that Flynn was in talks with the Russian Ambassador to the United States on anti-Russian sanctions. As a result, he resigned. Immediately after this, there were suspicions that the election headquarters of the trump repeatedly was in contact with Russian intelligence during the election campaign. The Congress-led ruling Republican party, began an investigation.

Flynn’s successor on a post of the adviser Herbert McMaster (Herbert McMaster) ready for the conflict with the authorities. Moreover, he had previously warned that Russia is trying to change the European order established after the end of the cold war.

In addition, in mid-February, the main representatives of the American authorities, one after another visit to Europe, stating its intention to demand from Russia explanations about the current situation in Ukraine (Vice-President Mike Pence). Thus, as the Obama administration, they expressed a tough stance against Russia.

A source in the us-Japanese diplomatic circles said: “the Statements of Pence and other officials had been prepared in advance. It is obvious that the government was held the briefing”. That is, he expressed the opinion that trump has also approved this course.

“One month after the inauguration of the trump, and the administration of the President of Russia, hoping that she will be able to improve relations with the US, disappointed,” said the political scientist Andrey Illarionov, who previously worked as an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation. Now he is a senior fellow at the U.S. Cato Institute, which adheres to conservative views.

Initially, the United States and Russia had planned in February to hold a bilateral meeting at the highest level. However, experts now believe that the leaders of Russia and the US will meet only at the beginning of July on the sidelines of the summit of “big twenty” in Hamburg.

“We may not be able to cooperate with Russia, but at least we try.” During a press conference on 16 February, President trump was unlucky.

Influence on the strategy of Japan

“Trump has endorsed that Japan will develop a dialogue with President Putin to resolve the problem of the South Kuril Islands”, — said the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe to the TV channel BS Fuji after a meeting with President trump 10 Feb.

Before this meeting one of the senior government officials of the Japanese government also said: “We will inform about their readiness to solve a question which we cannot settle more than 70 years. I also want to confirm that Japan and the United States will cooperate on policy towards Russia.”

The reason for these statements lies in the fact that after 2014 Russia annexed the Crimea, the Obama administration was unhappy with the rapprochement between Russia and Japan, and in this connection it has been accused of the latter.

In the Japanese government were widespread expectations that, in the case of trump, which seeks to improve relations with Russia, the interference of Russian-Japanese talks will be.

In addition, one of the sources in the Japanese government said: “If we consider historical facts, it becomes clear that when Russian-American relations were tense, territorial negotiations between Japan and Russia was also not developed.” Thus he expressed his intention to follow the normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington during the administration of the tramp and in accordance with this to develop the negotiations with Russia.

However, the reality is at odds with the desires of Japan. This month, officials from the administration trump has repeatedly made harsh statements against Russia. In addition, the state Department has still not appointed officials holding positions below the Deputy Secretary. It is obvious that while will be appointed and will begin work assistant Secretary responsible for policy development and will take some time.

“There is a possibility that the policy of the American authorities against Russia will become more aggressive in comparison with previous administrations. Then, the rapprochement between Japan and Russia is unlikely to suit Washington,” suggests a source in the Japanese-American diplomatic circles. Therefore, Japan may need convincing of the importance of Russian-Japanese talks not only the President trump, but officials of the American government.