Why a garden blockade and the mayor of Lviv

Soon, the lions may be left without a mayor. At least, so says the head of Lviv Andrey Sadovy. According to him, until March 21, the GPU had to bring him on suspicion of the case of the tragedy on Gribovichi the dump on may 30 last year, killing four of the rescuer. According to Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko guilty for the death of people should be punished as the leaders of the operation in the City, killing five police officers. But the calendar is already March 23 and suspicion garden so no one showed.

Experts say that the mayor of the city to raise their rating, which sank amid a garbage scandal, the prosecution on hand, as the Ukrainian voter likes the offended power of politicians. Therefore, according to interior Minister Arsen Avakov, “Samopomich” and started a blockade of Donbass. Moreover, if it still comes to the presentation of the suspicion and dismissal of the mayor of Lviv from office, “Samopomich” can use the law of “party dictatorship”, to clean up the party’s electoral list and make Andrew’s Garden in Parliament to secure his parliamentary immunity. “Samopomich” “Today,” assured that such a step will not go, and the government is accused of trying to undermine the rating of their political power. In the PPB and the PF, in turn, are convinced that before the dismissal of Andriy Sadovyi from office of the mayor the matter is unlikely to come to that. Situational but a bunch of “Samopomich” with politicians who are supported by businessman Igor Kolomoisky, will try to break it.

Bankova vs lions: from presidential ambitions to the garbage. The blockade of Donbass, which lasted for two months, the government accuses the person of the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy and “samopomich” Union faction. Supposedly, members of the political power specifically blocked railway track to divert public attention from the tragedy in Gribovichi the dump and the ongoing problems with the Lviv garbage. These events have shaken the stars out of the Andrew Garden. According to KIIS in March 2016, in the case of the elections of the President, the mayor of Lviv was ready to vote 5.4% of voters. But in December last year, according to a survey of KIIS for Andrew’s Garden was only 2.8 % of Ukrainians (among all citizens of Ukraine aged from 18 years).

“We appeal to the mayor of Lviv garden, to the head of the faction “Self-help” Berezyuk: you have that responsibility. You have made these decisions, you launched a campaign in 20 degrees of frost (the siege began in late January, just in 20-degree frost – Ed.) you started this adventure. Including, probably, in order to not carefully looked at the problem of garbage in Lviv. Did you go into this dirty political meat grinder – you will be held accountable”, – said interior Minister Arsen Avakov at a meeting with representatives of the steel industry at the end of February.

Numerous government attempts to peacefully resolve the issue of the blockade was not successful. Not helped by the meeting of Petro Poroshenko with the Andrew Garden on March 12. “We have long talked on different topics, the conversation was very difficult, he told reporters at the walls of the AP after the meeting, the mayor of the city. – We also talked about the siege, sounded the name Semenchenko, Sobolev, Shepherd (people’s deputies from “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev, semen Semenchenko and Taras Shepherd – Ed.) he argued that the way to do it. I have my own understanding about this. The conversation was very heavy, Avakov (who was invited to tea Garden to Poroshenko – Ed.) listened to”.

Two days later this was followed by a statement of the public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko about the possibility of filing suspicion Andriy Sadovy. According to him, in Kharkov completed the examination, which found that there was no arson at the dump “Zbyranka” near Grabovica was not. Although Andriy Sadovy was personally convinced the public that “the burning of the landfill was dirigible at the Metropolitan level.”

“All the talk about the fact that some special saboteurs from rival political parties have set fire to the dump, the examination is not confirmed. It was spontaneous combustion because of lack of technology. Therefore, the question of negligence of official officers of the Lviv city Council. There are dead. Families have the right to ask someone from the officials of the Lviv city Council is responsible for this. I can not exclude that they may be a mayor, and his deputies, and other officials. It seems to me that the problem with the waste arises not from the fact that the mayor is in opposition or coalition. Trash just need to be disposed of. Andrey Ivanovich is not the first time in the post and not even a second,” – said Yuri Lutsenko.

The mayor of the city hastened to declare that, according to him, until March 21, the Prosecutor’s office could charge him with suspicion. “The next step will be to apply to the court for my dismissal. According to my information, to perform the duties of the mayor Secretary of the Lviv city Council Anatoly Zabarilo, Chairman of the party “Civic position”, – said the Garden.

And quite recently the Andrew Garden drinking tea with the leader of the party “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko in the company of Mikheil Saakashvili and siglavy “democratic Alliance” Vasily Gatsko about it in his Facebook said the ex-President of Georgia.

A bunch of Kolomoisky and the game is up for re-election. Mutual recriminations continued on Monday at a meeting of the regional development Council in Kiev, where gathered all the heads of the regional state administration, mayors and heads of local authorities. Even before the public Prosecutor again reminded the mayor of the city of responsibility for the tragedy on Gribovichi dump.

“I am surprised by the persistence with which Mr. Garden wants to be in the victim’s position. In fact, the victims are four dead fire, not the master of the Garden. But all have to answer. If the leaders of the operation in the City needs to sit (in prison – Ed.) for negligence that led to five dead bodies, that’s why the mayor believes that his four victims mean nothing? For me, as a person and for attorney General four dead mean a very serious responsibility. Who will suffer – will be determined by the investigator”, – said the head of the PGO Yuriy Lutsenko on Monday at a meeting of the regional development Council.

Garden with a response did not hesitate. “Lutsenko clearly conveyed the message: you behave badly, we will put you in jail. That’s all I understood it. I heard just what you heard through official media, when he (Yuriy Lutsenko – Ed.) informed that he was preparing documents on the service I suspicions about the dismissal. I’m ready for it”, – said the mayor of the city.

Opening the regional development Council, President Petro Poroshenko has called the blockade of Donbass is a special operation by its displacement in Russia. “The organizers showed himself as an unsurpassed master of political PR. In the context of the blockade have serious claims to the heads of regional state administrations of those areas where the local Council had exceeded its authority and made decisions that go far beyond their responsibility and undermine the situation. Now they will fill foreign exchange reserves, regional councils? They will compensate losses of the state budget? They will compensate for the loss of jobs? They will be responsible for the return of all territories under Ukrainian jurisdiction? No. They are now hiding”, – said Poroshenko. And Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman added that the blockade of the Donbass solely in the interests of Russia.

The solution of a number of regional city councils followed the detention SBU 43 the participants of the blockade, who refused to surrender their weapons to the police. The security Service said that we are talking about the area of the ATO, so the carrying of weapons here, even with permission, is limited. For example, on March 14, the deputies of Chernivtsi regional Council voted for the draft decision in support of the blockade, and local activists staged under the building obsolete action and brought back the bus.

“In a situation with solutions of a number of mountains – and regional councils “Samopomich” and “Dill” (party, affiliated with businessman Igor Kolomoisky – Ed.) worked synchronously. Representatives of “Samopomich” was prepared and read out the decisions of councils, “ukropov” off bus” – unofficially said to the AP.

Cooperation of “Samopomich” party Kolomoisky indirectly confirmed by the recent decision of the people’s Deputy from “Samopomich” Alyona Babak to lay down the mandate. Andriy Sadovy herself Alyona Babak explained that the personal reasons. On Bank believe that it is fixed. “I think the representative of “Samopomich” have withdrawn. Banknotes can work wonders. Mace (head of the Volyn regional Council Igor Palitsa – Ed.) demonstrated that money can solve all problems”, – informally talking to the AP.

It is noteworthy that immediately after the Alyona Babak in the electoral list of “Samopomich” is Julia Bosenko who, as the Secretary of the city Council after the death of the mayor of Lutsk, the acting head of the city. It is not difficult to assume that the representative of the “Samopomich” at the helm of luck to Igor Palitsa is a hindrance. Therefore, if she will go to the Parliament, the place the acting mayor will be released for the desired “Dill” person.

Political scientists pay attention to one more interesting detail. A year ago, at its Congress “Samopomich” using the law on “party dictatorship” cleaned up the electoral list. Now from the Deputy mandate Andrey Sadovy (list No. 50) separated by only 7 people. And where is the guarantee that “Samopomich” will not clean up the list and will not make a Garden under the dome, if he will face criminal prosecution?

“In recent years there has been some very interesting things. “Samopomich” cleared the list. The garden was at No. 50 in the list, and the list is now moved to him, Babak laid down his mandate. I do not exclude that may soon be before the Congress of “Samopomich”, where you can once again clean up the list and outdoor may go to the Parliament. Why? Because, first, it will give him an opportunity to absolve themselves of responsibility in Lviv from debris and to protect itself from future “repression”. And secondly, finally, to establish control over the faction, which he now has no control. He also will receive a public podium, if there are early parliamentary elections,” – said “Today”, the political scientist, the head of the Center “Eidos” Viktor Taran.

“Samopomich” this version of events categorically reject. “We have this decision Congress was not, it was open. It’s their fun they in Bankova weave. They dabble in the game for a fall in our ranking. Unfortunately, what happened in the last couple of days with opening criminal cases and with the threat of opening a criminal case against the leader of our party, it means that despotism does not retreat. And on account of Alyona Babak, ask Alyona Babak. Alyona Babak made this decision, and we ask God that she cancelled, because it’s her personal business, her personal problems, her personal experiences. So no relation to the party Congress or to the intrigues of the BPP, it has not,” said “Today” head of the faction “Samopomich” Oleg Berezyuk.

To start a Garden in Parliament when presenting his suspicions on the part of “Samopomich” it would be a very logical step. However, the respondents “Today” people’s Deputy from BPP and the NF, who know the essence of the question, I believe that this will not happen. “What prevents us to continue to bring down its rating on the theme of trash? The President has already declared that takes a situation under personal control and will not leave residents of the city alone with the problem (Petro Poroshenko said this during the regional development Council – Ed.). It would be logical to dislodge him from the mayoral chair with the presentation of no confidence through a vote in Council, as at the time this threatened the mayor of Kolomoisky Boris Filatov Dnieper”, – told us one of their MPs from the MFP.

Experts, like politicians, also I doubt that all comes to the presentation of the suspicions the garden and remove him from office. “I think this Garden would love. This will give him the opportunity after the fall of the rating because of garbage caravan, which was in Ukraine, to raise the rating. Moreover, we have always offended love. But I don’t think the authorities will do such a mistake will make the garden such a gift,” concluded political analyst Viktor Taran.