How to quickly cope with a cold

The cause of the common cold is usually a virus. In the warm time of the year when the immune system in “full bloom” and the viruses it is quite difficult to penetrate into the body. But with the advent of autumn, everything changes. Immune defense is weakened and we become susceptible to viruses, says

The vast majority of people on earth at least once in a year was ill with a cold. Well, on average we have colds (or flu) 2-3 times a year. The infection usually lasts for 7 to 10 days. If you add up all this together, for 75 years, we have around 4 years cold. By and large, during this time, you can get a second degree, or to make a lot of useful things. And we sniff and stocking up on napkins, and off to the hospital.

The best defense is prevention

So, if you don’t want to stay 4 years with a cold in his life, then you need to strengthen your body. The most effective prevention of colds and flu is hardening. If you harden your body, that colds are not afraid of you. Hardening you’ve trained your body to temperature. And while your friends escape from the cold at home, you continue an active life.

At first it is necessary to limit itself to the adoption of air baths. Then, slowly go to the dry, and then wet the sponge bath. Next, go to contrasting procedures, and then to dousing with cold water.

Be aware that a strong immune system is primarily hard work. Immunity affects everything: nutrition, physical activity, harmful habits, heredity. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle, this is exactly what will make you less likely to get sick.

What to do when symptoms of the disease

The most important condition is to start treatment as early as possible. Never delay treatment for later. At the very first sneeze and runny nose prior to action.

In order for the cold passed quickly, doctors recommend treatment at home, warmly wrapped up in bed. Due to a viral infection in your body will accumulate toxins, so drink plenty of fluids (2 – 2.5 l) in order to prevent the effects of intoxication. Suitable decoctions of berries (particularly effective broth cranberry and rose hips), alkaline mineral water without gas, herbal teas.

If the body temperature above 38.5 degrees, then you need to knock her antipyretic agents. Lower temperature to 38,0 down is not recommended, as by doing so you deprive the body of the main weapons of antiviral interferon. Thanks to the rise in temperature in the body is actively synthesized interferon. However, the problem help to solve the drugs that contain mefenamic acid. This tool works in several directions: throw heat and at the same time promotes the production of interferon.

The reason the flu and colds in the majority of cases is a virus. So the fastest way to get better is to get rid of the perpetrators of the hour. Together with the virus will go away and fever, runny nose and all the unpleasant symptoms that accompany a cold. In this case, come to the aid of antiviral drugs.