Time fans Poklonskaya

Credible evidence of whether a bust of Emperor Nicholas II in Simferopol streaming myrrh, not yet. Usually myrrh-streaming icons, and Catholic churches — and even sculpted statues. This phenomenon is fixed and, in secular language, certified by Church authorities, which conducted a special investigation. This process is similar to the canonization of saints, and sometimes takes years.

For humility

All this did not seem very interested in the newly made Deputy, former Prosecutor of Ukraine, and then Russia. Natalia Poklonskaya deeply convinced that the miracle happened. The channel “Tsargrad” she said confidently: bust exudes myrrh as the king and his family “were killed in order to make Russia a prosperous and great.”

One of the most original Christian writers of Russia, part — time Director of the sawmill, Ilya Zabezhinskiy is rightly said that to create a prosperous Russia Nicholas II had to do exactly the opposite of what he did, not to abdicate, to suppress the rebellion in Petrograd, to bring the war to the end, and then to restore the economy. But the Emperor chose the path of personal humility and the rejection of bloodshed. About this Church, and testified to the canonization of the Royal family in the face of the martyrs.

The story mirotochit bust — another comical episode in the life of modern Russia. But really — it is evidence of a gradual immersion into the darkness of the country, devoid of voices, competition policy and normal public debate. Then wherever you look, nothing but a moral and political catastrophe, will not see.

You should start, perhaps, with the canonization of Nicholas II. He glorified as martyrs, not because he was killed by the Bolsheviks, not because Trotsky was a Jew, not for the fact that he had signed the act of abdication, and not because there was “treason, cowardice and deceit.” To glorify equally irrelevant events of 9 January 1905, wife is German, Grigory Rasputin, theft suppliers the army and mediocre Emperor as commander-in-chief of the army.

Nicholas II, his family and members of the Suite are canonized as saints because they’re dead as Christians, refusing to protect their high status, power and, ultimately, life. For humility, in General. By the way, not a bad example to the country in which ambition and brutality of a century go hand in hand.

Imperialism and anti-Semitism

The canonization was to become for Russia a kind of summary of the civil war, a symbol of the gradual reconciliation. Did not. Including due to the ambiguous position of the Church hierarchy, does not recognize the authenticity found near Ekaterinburg remains and not refused in favor of the most conservative part of the clergy and laymen from the anti-Semitic version of “ritual murder” of the last Emperor.

Today the image of Nicholas II had grown quite pagan in fact a mini-cult that has nothing to do with the Christian understanding of Holiness and virtue. The main thing in this cult — imperialism and anti-Semitism. No wonder many fanatical its adherents at the same time would like and canonization of Joseph Stalin as “this Russian ruler”, “restore the Russian Church” and (of course!) who won the war. If we add to this those who also dreams of glorification among the saints Gregory Rasputin, you will get the full picture of insanity.

In this country, which the Church hierarchy and politicians refer to it as “Orthodox”, the remains of crown Prince Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria still gathering dust in a box on the shelf of the State archives. Church leadership does not dare to abandon the theory of “ritual murder”, to recognize their authenticity and to give a nod to burial. Fans hold religious processions with the icon “Tsar-Martyr” it does not bother. It is not about humility, but about “the masons”, “the Jewish conspiracy” and a “fifth column”, which some are guilty that in Russia live bednovato, uncomfortable and unsafe.

But the bust in Simferopol supposedly myrrh-streaming. The magical consciousness of modern Russia seeks “miracle” at any price, because without a miracle, to perceive the reality unbearable. Millions of people simultaneously believe in the healing properties of the bread consecrated at the tomb of St. Seraphim of Sarov, astrology and “Vedic” diet.

Poklonskaya as a symbol

The fact that over half of the parliamentary activities of the ex-Prosecutor famous for the only activity in the field of the exaltation of Nicholas II, should not surprise anyone. In fact, it nobody is elected, like most of her colleagues from the state Duma. Appointees of the Kremlin, not bearing any responsibility for anything before the voters, voting according to instructions from the presidential administration, can afford anything.

Someone makes a career, somebody is lobbying for your business, so why Poklonskaya not to wrestle for the honor and dignity of the deceased monarch? Sorry for the involuntary pun, but fans have Polonskaya is already there, and the glory secured. She speaks on behalf of millions of people seeking to blame their misfortunes and eager miracle. Natalia Poklonskaya is one of the symbols of Russia today. I think she knows about it.

Konstantin Eggert, a Russian journalist, presenter of programs of TV channel “Rain”. The author of the weekly column on DW.