The foreign Ministry called the arrest of Tsimbalyuk provocation of Russia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced the arrest of a journalist in Moscow, UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk a provocation by the Russian Federation.

About it the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Donetsk region reported on Twitter.

“The detention of the journalist Tsimbalyuk – provocation of the Russian Federation,” said Betz.

As reported previously Tsymbalyuk announced his arrest in Moscow, and that he took the documents. “We were detained, taken to the local police Department to check the “legality” of the shooting. For the first time in a police car 🙂 failed the accreditation of the foreign Ministry. Say we chanted slogans, and held a “rally,” he said.

The journalist later wrote: “Two hours already at the police station, another hour and have to let go.”

The Ukrainian Embassy in Russia has confirmed the detention of Tsimbalyuk and reported that to the police Department left the Consul, who verifies and clarifies the information about his detention. The Embassy had contacted the interior Ministry to clarify the circumstances of the detention of the journalist.

Later arrested earlier by police in Moscow, the correspondent of the Ukrainian news Agency UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk announced his release.

“Thank you to everyone who worried, let us go,” wrote Tsymbalyuk on his page on the social network Facebook on Tuesday, illustrating the message with a photo of yourself on the background of the entrance to the police Department.