Some women are born sons: scientists have identified

The team led by reproductive biologist Valerie Grant came to the conclusion that a certain type of women tend to the birth of boys. The experts concluded that the probability of having a son from a woman related to the level of testosterone in her body.

This project lasted for 20 years. In the study, women held a poll about what kind of emotions they feel in certain situations (determination, anger, pride, contentment). Also taking part in the experiment, women were measured the levels of testosterone in the blood.


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Testosterone is called the “male” hormone, but in certain concentrations it is present in the body of the fairer sex. In particular, by definition, Valerie Grant, a high concentration of testosterone differ self-confident, assertive and strong character women.

The research biologist has shown that people power and aspiring to leadership of women in the body which elevated level of testosterone, often the sons and not daughters.

“The level of testosterone in the follicles of women most accurately predicts the sex of the fetus,” said Dr. Grant.