Trump’s popularity among Americans record falls

The rating of the President of the United States Donald trump fell to a minimum for all the time he occupies the post of head of state. This is stated in the results of the research service public opinion surveys Gallup.

It is reported that 37% of Americans support the activities of trump, 58% gave a negative answer. On the first day of the survey, which was conducted after the inauguration of the President, approved, and disapproved trump an equal number of respondents – 45%.

The survey was conducted among 1,5 thousand Americans. During the election campaign Donald trump came from behind in opinion polls to his opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. However, a few days before the election, which was held November 8, 2016, the poll results are almost equal.

Recall that in the United States, about half of the voters believe that the possible Association President Donald trump with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and harm the interests of the United States.

Previously, trump said that Republicans support his project of health care reform.