Tillerson’s visit to China: in the center of attention was the problem of the DPRK

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the US and China is feeling the urgent need to solve the problem of North Korea; authorities which was held on Sunday the test the rocket engine of high thrust, calling it a “new birth” of the rocket industry of the DPRK.

Concern about North Korea and its increasingly threatening behavior dominated during the first Asian tour Tillerson, during which he visited Japan, South Korea and China.

The administration of Donald trump looking for new opportunities forward in solving the North Korean problem and, obviously, find ways of cooperation with China to eliminate this source of tension is key.

“We are determined to do everything possible to prevent any conflict. And we see before us a number of steps we can take,” said Tillerson, speaking at a joint press conference with Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang I.

Neither Tillerson nor the head of the Chinese foreign Ministry did not disclose details of the steps which they are considering, and it is not clear whether the positions of Washington and Beijing on the issue.

Before arrival in Beijing Tillerson President Donald trump criticized China for lack, in his opinion, the efforts.

“North Korea is behaving badly. They have for many years played with the United States. China does little to help!” — trump wrote on Twitter.

However, Wang said Tillerson that the “sanctions regime” and “resumption of negotiations” is the responsibility of each country.

Earlier in Tokyo Tillerson announced that diplomatic and other efforts to end the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, which were undertaken last 20 years have failed.

In Seoul he said he considered all the possible solutions to the problem, including military action.

“If the North Koreans take actions that threaten South Korean or our troops, it will receive an adequate response. If they increase the level of threat from their weapons program to a level that will require action, then this option is considered,” said Tillerson at a joint press conference with Minister of foreign Affairs of South Korea Yun Byung-Se.

Some experts believe that it is necessary not hard-line approach, and direct talks without preconditions.

“Of course, there is no guarantee of success. At the moment the status quo is not working. Time is not on our side, — said the analyst from the Center for arms control and non-proliferation James McKeon. — North Korea continues to improve its nuclear and missile capabilities to such an extent that they now do not have to test their missiles, and demonstrate the capabilities of their missiles.”

Earlier this month, North Korea conducted another missile launch, firing four missiles in the sea of Japan. Ballistic missiles fell within the exclusive economic zone of Japan, which under international law extends to a distance of 200 kilometers from the coast of the country.

On Sunday, shortly before the meeting with Tillerson Chairman XI Jinping, came reports of a North Korean test rocket engine.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN called the test successful, saying that “the world will soon witness the epoch-making victory of great significance,” which will win Pyongyang.

The test was to start the rocket engine, which was on the ground, without launching missiles. North Korean media reported that it was conducted at the missile test site, Tongan-nor, near the border with China.

At the meeting on Sunday Tillerson and XI Jinping discussed the organization of the meeting the Chinese leader with President trump. Diplomatic sources told “Voice of America” that the meeting will be held April 6-7, owned by Trump’s mansion, Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Tillerson told XI Jinping that the President trump looks forward to strengthening mutual understanding between the two countries and looks forward to “opportunities in the future to pay a visit” to China.

To develop approaches aimed at convincing North Korea to change course, met trump and XI Jinping.