Lithuania still are information colony East space

Petras Grazulis with the Pukas Kestutis and five associates of the “Order and justice”, the Lithuanian Union of farmers and green (LSCS) and the Electoral action of poles in Lithuania-the Union of Christian families and of the Lithuanian social Democrat party decided that enough media is controlled, therefore, registered the amendments to the law on provision of information society, which will allow you to assign media fines.

Control thought, and three representative LSCS, despite the fact that later it turned out that they registered the amendments prepared by a social Democrat. They wanted to oblige the media to give 50% positive information. Instead of taking in Parliament and government decisions that would have a positive impact on Lithuania, deputies tried to censor. Just like in Soviet times, when everyone knew that the Soviet Union is a colossus with feet of clay, but the media was forced to repeat that anywhere else so well live as in the USSR. Meanwhile some Lithuanian TV channels have become the mouthpiece of the Russian production, and so bribing viewers, but politicians do nothing.

The Commission on radio and television to find out what part of the ether from 6 to 12 March in the air took products from Lithuania and other EU countries, and some Russian. According to preliminary data, Russian production was on channel Lietuvos rytas — 38%, other countries — 9%, and the remaining 53% transfer from Lithuania and the EU. On BTV, owned by the group LNK — more than a third (35,5%), Russian films, films from other countries 38,8%, Lithuanian and European products — 25,7%. According to the Commission, March 6, TV Lietuvos rytаs almost half (49%) of ether filled the Russian programs and movies from other countries — 5%, the rest (46%) — Lithuanian and European products. On the same day, the BTV channel showed 44% of Russian production, 34% of the production in other countries and 22% of Lithuanian and European products. According to preliminary data TNS KANTAR on March 6 on channel Lietuvos rytаs Russian products look more than 243 thousand residents of Lithuania, BTV — 445 thousand, TV6 — 192 thousand.

The analyst nerius Maliukevicius said earlier hoped that the younger generation will learn European languages and interest in Russian propaganda subsides, but there are reverse processes. “In terms of information we are still an information colony, belonging to the Eastern space. This phenomenon of the colony, and is expressed in the number of Russian products, this production gathers a considerable audience,” said Maliukevicius.

The Deputy Laurynas Camunas said that such an influx of Russian products, permeated with nostalgia for the Soviet Union in Lithuania reflects a dangerous trend. According to the Deputy, the Kremlin thinks TV is their tool of soft power, which is very important in the context of information warfare. “Exploring the sociological aspects of our society, we see that post-Soviet nostalgia in certain parts of society, is enhanced with the help of such products, various movies and series, combined with disappointment in our political system. Through this soft attack comes and geopolitical attack,” said Camunas.

Meanwhile, the heads of TV channels are quiet. “I know not interested in this topic. All”, — said the head of Lietuvos rytаs Linas Ryskus. The representative of the group Laisvas nepriklausomas kanalas Vitaly Kibilda replied in writing that “the scale of the acquisition of Russian products due to the years formed habits of loyal viewers BTV”.

Maliukevicius said that the Kremlin was financing the major TV channels they produce and export cheap entertainment programs, movies, series. These products happy to buy and Lithuanians. “I would call it even a kind of moral corruption, because as well as for energy, if you look at Energoproject, it is corrupted by Russian money, intermediaries, etc. and here we also cheaply pushed the products that then the same channels are as entertaining and more attractive than Lithuania,” said Maliukevicius.

The head of the Commission on television and radio Edmundas Vaitiekunas said that by law, half of the broadcast, with the exception of the time allocated for sports and news programmes, should be Lithuanian and European products, 10% time is reserved for transmission of independent European producers. “But the same law is clarification: if it is possible. So maybe — impossible, well, almost, when there is such an exception, the code is not valid. Well, what to punish, if they think that otherwise it is impossible?” said Vaitiekunas, explaining why the Commission is powerless here.