Apartments are steadily becoming more expensive: how to change the situation on the housing rental market

Over the past year in Kiev rent apartments has risen by about 20%. Realtors say: on the market impact of economic growth, the devaluation of the hryvnia and increase in utility bills. This year, prices also will rise, however, the reasons for the spike there. The website “Today” to find out why the change in rental prices of apartments.

As the communal impact on the rental housing

In the early years between tenants and landlords were trying to agree on who will pay for communal, says a representative of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Arthur Pilipchuk. In Kiev the realtor’s Maxim of Baburao: landlords will often agree to cover part of the expenses for the communal. “Previously, this was not really in the segment of affordable housing tenants themselves pay for utilities. Now, when the communal can cost as much as rent, a try to negotiate with landlords, and sometimes these efforts end in success,” – says the expert.

“Previously, this was not really in the segment of affordable housing tenants themselves pay for utilities. Now, when the communal can cost as much as rent, a try to negotiate with landlords, and sometimes these efforts end in success,” – says the expert.

Large amounts in the payment push the Ukrainians to search small apartments energy-efficient homes. As said the people’s Deputy Alyona Babak, in Europe before you rent an apartment, check the results of the energy audit that will show you how much you have to pay for heating and other utilities. In Ukrainian reality, realtors are advised to see the payment system for the last month before you sign the lease.

According to analysts, OLX, almost every second rented apartment – Studio. However, only 13.8% of Ukrainians rented a two bedroom apartment.

Another result of growth of tariffs – the Ukrainians, who had not hurried to take the empty apartment, being forced to look for tenants. If in large cities to rent you can earn a small, the owners are willing to let the tenants for free if they just would pay the bills.

“If the owners of several apartments could for some reason hold a free apartment, now it is becoming a real luxury,” – says Maxim Baborak.

How to change prices

During the year the rental prices of apartments in the capital rose by about 20%. “If you take the 2016 year, there was an increase of approximately 20%. But no accurate statistics. It is not the stock market, not all contribute data to the registries. You need to understand that the market is influenced by many factors. For example, active became the economy. Will have very different demand, or Vice versa,” says Arthur Pilipchuk.

Per thousand hryvnias it is possible to rent an apartment in Donetsk or Lugansk regions. From 1500 to 2000 thousand in Sumy and Ternopil. The most expensive rental in Kiev (almost 6,000 hryvnia), Odessa (5257 hryvnia) and in Lviv (over 4000 USD). If in January of last year a one-room apartment in the capital can be removed in an average 5 453 hryvnia, in December, the cost of renting increased by 9% — up to 5 985 USD. About the same — 8% — rose “kopeck piece” — from 7 908 8 hryvnia UAH.

The most stable situation in Kharkov. Here the prices, according to OLX, rose only slightly, on average, by 2-3%. For rent “odnushki” in January asked about 4310 hryvnia, in December — about 4362 UAH (1.2% more).

“Housing price increase is a natural consequence of a number of factors. According gosstata in January 2016, the consumer price index in comparison with the year 2015 amounted to 108.9 per cent, in December it rose to 121,2%. It also influenced the growth of average wages. In General, Ukraine in 2016, it has increased almost in 1.5 times — to UAH 4362 6475. The increase in the cost of basic goods leads to the fact that people are promoting and the cost of services (including rent) to stay in the black,” the analysts said.

Arthur Pilipchuk sure pof ricin for a sharp property value growth this year there. “At this point, in 2017, I see no reason for the growth in the cost of rent. If it is not external factors. Of course, there is the influence of the political situation, military action. But those global factors that can affect. But I still think the next six months is stable,” – said Arthur Pilipchuk.

At the same time, the realtor Maxim Baborak notes: in an average year apartments can rise in price by 15-20%. This, according to experts, depends on the economic situation in the country. “The market is affected by many factors. Rising wages, get more jobs, people are actively looking for an apartment – as a result property prices are rising,” – said the expert.

How to rent an apartment

More than 80% of the ads for rental apartments, experts say, place mediators. Each city has its own “taxi” to brokerage services. For example, in Kiev, the assistance of a realtor will cost 50% of one month rent apartments in Lviv brokers take 100%. “Made in Kiev to immediately pay first and last month of stay in the apartment. Therefore, our services are 50% off first month. The real estate markets in other cities, if you only need to pay for the first month of stay, cost of the services of a realtor may be 100%,” – says Maxim Baborak.

The realtor is bound together with the owner to show the apartment and after the lease issue. In addition, the obligations of the broker is to check the documents confirming the right of ownership of the property. In order not to fall into the trap of unscrupulous real estate agents Maxim Baborak advises:

– Not to pay the realtor before signing a lease. If the Agency requires you to pay a certain amount of funds prior to the conclusion of the lease, I’m sure the realtor is likely these “brokers” provide information services.

– To check the documents of ownership. The owner must show proof of home ownership and your passport. In addition, as advised by the expert, in the documents of ownership should be checked, who is still the owner of the property.

– Be sure to sign a rental agreement. In the contract, as explained by the realtor Yuri Stagnic must be the correct passport details of the owner of the apartment address of the apartment and tenant data.

– Look for a proven realtor. Brokers, tells Maxim Baborak, we value our name and more likely to work with a specific client base.