Valentina Tereshkova — first woman in space: in the capsule, in the power space of the disease

Space pioneer Valentina Tereshkova was forever secured a place in the history books. In June 1963 she flew 48 times around the Earth. However, no significant achievements astronaut could not achieve, because during his three-day flight, she ignored the instructions of the chief designer of space machinery Sergey Korolev. March 6, Tereshkova is 80 years old.

From the point of view of propaganda, the flight of “the Seagull” — this was call sign of Tereshkova — was a major breakthrough. After the launch of the first Sputnik in 1957, and after the flight of Yuri Gagarin in 1961, this achievement by the Soviet Union managed to put the US another blow in the struggle for supremacy in outer space. However, from a scientific point of view, this flight brought only disappointment, and along with them — disastrous for other candidates in cosmonauts.

Space sickness and programming errors

The king in the narrow circle allegedly said “With me more than any women in space will not.” Moreover, the word “Baba” is likely to think of journalists to do it was possible to publish this a much cruder phrase. The main purpose of the flight, Tereshkova was to study the influence of space environment on the work of the female body, the improvement of the management system of the spacecraft “Vostok”, as well as surveying the earth and the moon. In parallel with Tereshkova on a spaceship “Vostok-5” flight around the Earth performed by Valery Bykovsky.

However cosmonaute from the very beginning had to deal with space sickness, a fact which she, incidentally, was kept from the command of ground control. Tereshkova didn’t follow the instructions on the orientation of the capsule through a system of manual control, a clock does not respond to the calls ate not planned diet and complained of oppressive tightness in the capsule. She could not write, because in the bustle broke your pencils.

Disregard of prohibitions

Besides, she quickly realized that the trajectory of its capsule of the spaceship “Vostok-6” was programmed incorrectly. Only on the second day of the flight she received the correct data. If not, the flight could end in disaster, what Tereshkova admitted, only ten years later. Queens allegedly begged her not to tell about this technical error.

In addition, cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky made his flight around the Earth at a lower orbit so that the visual contact between the two spacecraft were impossible, and the possibility of radio communication is limited.

To the dismay of the doctor, Tereshkova landed by parachute in 620 kilometers northeast of Karaganda (Kazakhstan), gave their space food to local residents, and she ate the potatoes with onions and drank Mare’s milk, which was strictly forbidden.

Big bruise on the nose, received when landing by parachute, and Tereshkova concealed under a thick layer of makeup. The next day was staged landing for film and photography, which later spread around the world.

Problems and malfunctions could occur during the flight Tereshkova, the Queen became a pleasant confirmation of his prejudices prevailing in Russia today, that the women in space doing nothing. Therefore, the first cosmonaut of the USSR, which included 20 candidates for the first flight into space, the so-called “Gagarin set,” consisted exclusively of men. In space eventually visited only four women astronauts. The current team of cosmonauts, along with 33 men listed only one woman — and that for justification.

The chief designer of space machinery Sergey Korolev after the flight, Tereshkova was disbanded the women’s cosmonaut corps and canceled all scheduled further flights of women into space. Only in 1982, 16 years after his death, becoming the second Russian cosmonaut in space, his flight Svetlana Savitskaya — in response to the announcement of U.S. plans in turn send a woman into space Sally Ride (Sally Ride).

Tereshkova goes into politics

After his flight, Tereshkova has avoided the press, so you don’t have to lie. For this she was forced to come to terms with fame Cutesy person. His true calling, she finally found in politics. Generously rewarded, she enjoyed success primarily in the Eastern bloc countries, graduated as and Gagarin air force engineering Academy. N. Ye and quickly made a career. She became a Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and a member of the CPSU Central Committee, head of the Committee of Soviet women and a member of numerous international associations.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was headed by the Russian center for international scientific and cultural cooperation. In 1995, Tereshkova became the first ever Russian woman to the rank of major General aviation.

“The Benefactor” Valentine

In 2008, after two unsuccessful attempts to obtain the mandate of the Deputy of the state Duma for contribution to the development of social movements, Tereshkova became the Deputy of regional Duma to his hometown of Yaroslavl from party “United Russia”, and soon the Vice-chair. Three years later she was able to move to the state Duma in Moscow.

It is strongly fighting for the interests of their constituents — whether gasification in Yaroslavl region or to strengthen the banks of the Volga river near Rybinsk. Previously sent requests to the Central Committee, Tereshkova and today appeals directly to Putin. The President certainly understands what is required Tereshkova. Something from the glory of the icon space, still enjoying huge popularity, and gets him.

450 red roses for the President

Tereshkova herself makes virtually no public statements about Putin and his party. But the 64-th birthday of Vladimir Putin she sent him on behalf of all the deputies of the state Duma 450 a bouquet of red roses. Tereshkova thanked the President for his “tireless work” and promised, directly as in Soviet times — to work together with him for the benefit of the people.

Shortly before his death in 2011 Boris Chertok found for Tereshkova conciliatory words. Soviet scientist, for many years, a former close ally of the Queen, alluding to her unsuccessful flight, told her that in “public activities” she had made “a truly cosmic heights.”