Nationalist bias in Ukraine

On Wednesday in Ukraine took an unexpected turn: President Poroshenko declared an economic blockade of Pro-Russian regions of the separatists in the Donbass. Even before Kiev was stopped by such a blockade, through which activists have for weeks to prevent the supply of coal from Donetsk to the West. So far this is consistent with the government line. Kiev has consistently stressed that the economic blockade threatens the energy security in Ukraine and is associated with high economic losses. But now, apparently, was different. He wants Kiev to stop trading across the front line.


What explains this amazing turnaround? On the one hand, for Kiev, probably, it is important to push the state momopoly on power. The blockade of several activists of the legal supply of coal, the government could hardly take it anymore. On the other hand, it must take into account the rise of nationalist forces in Ukraine. Blockade of Donbass among the population quite popular. Kiev, apparently, is afraid of more mess.


Another example also shows how the pressure is now nationalist forces. This week activists walled up with bricks, the entrances to branches of Russian banks. Some Russian banks such as Sberbank, continue to work actively in Ukraine, and in recent years they have behaved correctly. However, the louder voices of those who demand to expel them from the country. The national Bank announced the first sanctions.


However, Kyiv must follow, no matter how to please the nationalist in the fairway. The fate of the country depends not on whether a certain trade area of the separatists or in the country are actively working with some Russian banks. The most important thing to concentrate on domestic Affairs, namely not to delay the necessary reforms of the state and the economy.