Beavis, butt-head and the Russian dossier

10 January, CNN published an article about a two-page report of the special services, based on 35 pages of memos, presumably collected by a former British intelligence agent. This report stated that Russian intelligence has Donald trump compromising sexual nature, and that the supporters of the trump had been in regular contact with the Russian government. The essence of the report is that trump is a tool in the hands of the Russians.

The authors of the CNN article emphasize the secrecy of the contents of the report, stating that it was only available “to the government at the highest level.” They also stressed that the source of information is trustworthy. The article repeatedly refers to access CNN for this information: “Many U.S. officials directly familiar with the contents of the briefings, according to representatives of CNN”, “us intelligence officials believe are credible”, “some sources tell CNN”, and “according to some officials.” CNN clearly has it. And just as obviously this access is illegal. These leaks have shown how closely linked the media and elite secret service in their quest to destroy trump.

All of this was very effective work against trump, but then something went wrong and it ended in “catastrophe”. Shortly after the publication of the article by CNN, BuzzFeed published those 35 pages of memos, on which was founded the article. Remarkably, the memo is so poorly written that often sounded the assumption that it is a joke. Clarice Feldman (Clarice Feldman) stated that “the dossier is so ridiculous that if someone of intelligence “bought” him, he’s too stupid to admit and keep it in service. John Bolton (John Bolton) said: “I have not found anyone, including friends who have experience in diplomacy and military sphere and in the sphere of intelligence, who would still find most of it ridiculous”. Bob Woodward (Bob Woodward) declared that “this document is waste paper”. But Vice President Biden told reporters that he and President Obama had not instructed the intelligence community to provide confirmation of the published statements, since it does not take them seriously. Even piers Morgan (Piers Morgan) in his commentary said: “When I heard about this, my first reaction was that this is utter nonsense.” One of the journalists Global Research came to the conclusion that “any mass media or the secret service, claiming that they could not give or did not give ratings to the content 35 documents deliberately confuse things, trying to give them extra weight. Easily check the content is so obviously rigged that these few unverified statements contained in the document, can not be taken seriously”.

According to reports, the dossier was compiled by the Christopher Steele (Christopher Steele), a former MI6 agent. Although CNN calls Steele a man, “trustworthy”, Feldman has described him as “a man rummaging in the garbage cans and extracting information for Democrats”. Judging by the quality of the dossier, this last verdict is actually a compliment. He also suggests that Steele may not have been its author. Due to lack of maturity, immaturity, playing in the charges, and obviously the wrong format, the file seems to be a fake created specifically to “exposed”. It looks more like a 16-year-old hacker from the group Cracka Crackas with Attitude, who hacked into the personal online accounts of James Clapper, redirecting information destined for the Clapper, the representatives of the Palestinian liberation movement.

The obvious format errors begin on the first page. The page is marked as “Confidential/secret source”. Secret sources are never confidential. They never marked as “Secret” or even “top secret”. They have the added secrecy. Although not a public document, people with experience in the field of intelligence, would never have classified secret source as confidential. Lawyer Donald trump Michael Cohen (Michael Cohen), of course, told reporters that the allegations contained in the report is absolutely false. He said: “It is on so many levels looks very ridiculous. Clearly this is a figment of the imagination of the person who made it, or this man had hoped that the liberal media will publish this fake story, whatever their motives. On the 18th page of the published material says that Cohen allegedly was in Prague and met with Russian officials. Cohen in Prague has never been. Gerard Vanderleun (Gerard Vanderleun) a very entertaining way debunks the unsubstantiated accusations in an attempt to inflate a sex scandal “peegate”.

Many aspects of this incident is comical, but they are fraught with very unpleasant consequences. Besides the fact that it turns out that our intelligence services are run by an absolute incompetent, at stake are the lives of our military. Leadership intelligence is well aware of the fact that these memos are fake. Their incompetence is manifested in their belief that they can pass them off as genuine.

In addition to this confusion, there are other resources that would contribute to this confusion. Numerous reliable sources who wished to remain anonymous revealed the identity of two young people who are trying to make a scandal about the “Golden rain”. They go by nicknames “Beavis” and “Butthead”. Four leaders of the intelligence agencies strongly deny that these two characters are their sources of information. They also deny that he had received a job offer from the Ringling brothers (Ringling Brothers — founders and owners of the famous circus troupe — approx. transl.).