Pay communal: how to save on taxes and avoid penalties?

At the end of February the deputies supported in the first reading the law No. 1581-d “On housing and communal services”. If the law passes, it will soon for late payment of communal Ukrainians will be obliged to pay a penalty, and the provider of public utilities shall have the right to restrict or even to stop it. It should be noted that many Ukrainians of delay arise simply because of forgetfulness or because you still pay in banks, and there is a long queue.

According to the NBU, in 2016, 40% of payments for utilities are already doing in the Internet. The number of online payments increases: total amount increases approximately twice every year. Banks are looking to offer to customers for easy payment. For example, the Bank previously accepted payments only from users of its Internet banking. A recently launched service for online payments PayHub, which is used by customers of any Ukrainian Bank with any cards. The first months of utility bills you can do without commissions.

PayHub as a private Secretary, he will remind us of the communal, forming a payment order for payment at once created the pattern. On customers of any Ukrainian Bank can pay nearly 2000 types of services companies throughout Ukraine. This system is easy to understand, even if you have no experience of communal payments or other payments online.

To pay any account without prior registration. But if you sign up, you can save. Utility bills in the first three months after registration — no fees. For registration do not take the money, so the number of users is growing rapidly.

Unlike most similar online services, reliability PayHub guarantees the Bank, which is the largest in the group – PJSC “FUIB” (as ViDi banksky the hotel, banksia Board of the NBU No. 8 from 06.10.2011 p., General Board of NBU № 8-2 from 12.02.2015 R.). Banking systems are audited annually for compliance with international safety standards.

In addition to relevant today communal, you can transfer money between cards of any Bank, make loan payments from any Bank to recharge a mobile phone to pay for Internet.