Two powerful women fighting for the fate of the UK

Nicola Sturgeon (Nicola Sturgeon) wants to hold a referendum on Scottish independence before Broksita. But for her relentless rival Theresa may (Theresa May) in the first place — “precious” unity.

Monday in the afternoon, Theresa may said in front of cameras that will remain in memory for a long time. The Prime Minister urgently make a statement on Downing street.

A few hours before the Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon detonated a political bomb. Before spring 2019 she wants to hold a second vote on Scottish independence from the UK. “Attack from ambush”, — later wrote the newspaper.

Speech Theresa may deprived of all lightness, sharp blows of words, a rare smile usually forced. But on Monday afternoon the Prime Minister had no reason to smile.

The Scottish government is acting irresponsibly, and your requirements creates even more uncertainty during Breccia. The Mae lasted for 56 seconds, it completed a remarkable phrase: “Politics is not a game”. Politics is not a game. Each of these words, Mei said very clearly, pausing.

It was an unambiguous threat to the Nicola Sturgeon: the insidious, according to Mei, the step the Scots will come across a sword. On Tuesday morning it was clear that Mei holds a hard line, as in the case of Breccia.

“The precious Union between England and Scotland”

Permission for the holding of a referendum entirely in the hands of London. However, Trustees Theresa may told the British media that she would not allow him to do in the proposed period in the autumn of 2018 to spring 2019. It is a Declaration of war.

But the Scot resorted to no less heavy weapons. For her the question of independence is not a political game, and the highest mission. This week began the countdown for its political destiny, which now depends on another woman.

On Monday the British TV repeatedly showed footage of the first official meeting of the most influential women in the UK. July 15 last year, less than 48 hours from the time of her appointment, may first went to Edinburgh to explain that to her, unionists to the core, means “precious Union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”.

In front of Bute House, residence of the Sturgeon, outwardly so different ladies were smiling and shaking hands with each other. The Prime Minister of Scotland, only 1.63 m tall, wearing a bright suit, and may, higher by as much as ten centimeters and, as usual, in the clothes of muted tones with striking accessories — this time in red shoes.

Sturgeon even wrote a kind message on Twitter: “Politics aside: I hope that girls everywhere will look at this picture and realize that for them nothing is unattainable”.

But none of the women never forgot about politics. Mei knew from the beginning that the way to Bracito real opposition will not be dramatically weakened the labour party, and the rebellious Scots.

While suspicious at its core may behind closed doors in London for months, weighed all the arguments “for” and “against” hard Breccia, Sturgeon collected influential international Permanent Council for Europe. 17 Scottish and international experts on the EU regularly flew at the discussion in Edinburgh.

The result of tartan, introduced just before Christmas, after only six months after the referendum on EU membership. “The place of Scotland in Europe”, report of 62 pages about how the Scots can maintain close ties with the EU, and, above all, with the internal market, even if the rest of the Kingdom will make a radical step.

The Scots are not going to stop

It is unclear how seriously the Sturgeon, with its adamant political calculation. It is possible that Edinburgh was deliberately planned to cause such a reaction of London in response to the plans of Scotland’s independence:

The Downing street document does not comment on. The government in London “has not demonstrated any readiness to compromise or agreement,” explained Sturgeon in the plan of holding a referendum.

According to the logic of the Sturgeon, it is inevitable. If, before Brexton, it will not give the Scots the right to decide their own fate, she’ll have no choice but to force his people, against his declared will, to a hard exit from the EU. At the time, it just might be the period before Brexton — in the autumn of 2018 to spring 2019.

We can assume that this will be the time when the transaction Bracito will be on the final stage, and its main elements will be defined. But, in understanding may, this is the moment when any internal weakness immediately can turn into outer Achilles heel for the British in the negotiations in Brussels. And Theresa may will not allow any weakness of Britain.