Rada failed to appeal to Europe on the 75th anniversary of the Second world war

Recently, the world celebrated the anniversary of the victory in world war II

The Verkhovna Rada at an extraordinary meeting could not support the draft resolution on appeal to the national parliaments of foreign States, international organizations and their parliamentary assemblies on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II in Europe. The deputies were unable to score the necessary minimum of 226 votes.

Parliament wanted to encourage Europe to countering any attempts to revive totalitarian ideologies, the spread of intolerance and discrimination on racial, ethnic and gender discrimination.

It was also suggested to support his statement that the peace initiative of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres on an immediate ceasefire, the establishment of a global truce and a consolidation of efforts for the peaceful settlement of conflicts in the world.

Also, the Ukrainian Parliament has refused to call on the West to counter any attempt to assign an overall victory in the Second world war, which was won by all States and peoples-the winners, especially to cynical to justify their aggression and Russia ignoring international law and human rights violations inside the country and in Ukraine.

As reported “Today”, 30 April , the Rada turned to the West for Russia. Kiev reminded the international community that Russia still continues its aggression, and called for more pressure on Moscow.