Elections in the Netherlands the winning party of Prime Minister Rutte – exit poll

According to exit polls from the polling stations, the largest party in the next Parliament will be the party of the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte, significantly ahead of right-wing populist Geert Wilders.

About it reports “Russian Service of BBC”.

Calculation based on data from the exit poll commissioned by the Dutch national broadcaster NOS shows that moderate right people’s party for freedom and democracy (VVD), headed by Rutte will receive 31 out of 150 seats in the next Parliament, compared with 19 at the freedom Party (PVV) of Wilders.

Also, 19 will get the Christian democratic party and the liberal party Д66.

Other surveys also show that the party of Wilders will not work in the first place.

“Thank you to all who voted for the PVV. We have won seat in Parliament! This is the first victory. Rutte’ll see me again,” wrote Wilders in Twitter account.

Wilders, inspired by the success of Donald trump in the United States, actively used in the campaign of anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic slogans and sharply attacked the Moroccan and Turkish community of the Netherlands.

In the Dutch Parliament, as a rule, there are many parties, none of which was gaining an absolute majority, so that all of the country’s government for over 100 years be a coalition.

Before the elections all parties of the country refused to enter a coalition with Wilders.