The Sun (UK): blazing multicolored UFOs, nicknamed the “guest from space”, sweeps across the night sky, bringing terror to the Russians

Moscow — All night in Siberia discussed the mysterious fireball streaked through the night sky. Video large and bright space object flying at least four Russian regions. Witnesses drew attention to the many colors it shimmered. They also noted that at this point, “night turned into day.” One eyewitness described the event: “I heard a rumble, then barking dogs. I didn’t realize what it was.” Another said, “There was a glow, white and blue.” Another witness saw a green flash, as another observer said, “the Ball was white, and then the explosion occurred”.

UFO in the form of a fireball was visible at a distance of about 500 miles (800 km) on a wide territory — Krasnoyarsk, Tuva, Khakassia and Kemerovo. Experts rule out that it was a Russian missile. While there is no evidence that the meteorite fell to the ground. It was probably a meteorite that burned up in the atmosphere, experts say.

Professor of Ural Federal University Viktor Grokhovsky said: “This fireball was probably a small cosmic body that entered the atmosphere of the Earth.”

Roman Sailors from the Siberian Federal University said, “This visitor from outer space, likely to have been a meteorite, but never reached the ground… but burning bright and long.”