If you’ll fly to Kiev, Elon Musk

Imagine for a moment that’ll fly to Kiev, Elon Musk to build somewhere near Poltava huge industrial battery that will solve the problems of energy supply in Ukraine. In 100 days. And imagine that he decides not to take up the invitation of the Prime Minister, and to act independently.

First, it turns out that the land allotted for the construction of the facility is retroactively re-issued to another legal entity, which on closer investigation will be affiliated with the son-in-law of the Governor.

After that, registration will continue for the required 60 days and require the owners of copies of passports and identification numbers of Director, accountant, as well as extracts from the court register of the United States, in which the main Department of the Central office (3 notarized copies).

Among other things, Western top managers of Tesla, who headed a branch in Ukraine will be sent to the domestic treatment facility for the procedure of blood donation, with the aim of obtaining reference that is not ill with chronic alcoholism, toxicomania, drug addiction and infectious diseases. To Poltava clinic, where they will have to stand in line with the others, they report that taking them can’t because they don’t have with me copies of the passport, translated into Ukrainian language and certified by notary? In addition to tests for hepatitis b and other infections that also need a certificate of good conduct, diplomas, validated by the Ministry of education and pochee. During this time permitted period of stay in Ukraine (90 days) and Western senior managers full squad will have to leave the country?

Further, the goods will get stuck at customs, because it would require examination of the SFS in the laboratory, and this will affect the time of customs clearance, which in turn will create a legal conflict. In the end, customs will be written expert opinion on the customs value of goods, which will be designated as not corresponding to the real purchase price.

Later, in recruitment, it turns out that to work in a huge industrial battery built by Tesla — no one wants: the miracle did not happen and wages are paid in accordance with the market, and a compensation package consisting of medical insurance, family membership to the club and coupons for 30% discount with the purchase of a Tesla — nobody cares, because workers prefer to take the money, preferably in cash.

But those who will work at the facility, traditionally begins to steal all that you can tear off and take home — free meatballs in the dining room to the toilet paper in the high-tech toilets of the object. All the local markets filled with season tickets to the sports club, branded t-shirts, caps, overalls, towels, chairs and instruments with the logo of Tesla.

In short, the first 100 days will fly by like a dream. And then the next 100 days. That will be two years. The huge energy of the Tesla will be fined for tax evasion, and the leasing of the land on which it is built, would be considered illegal. At the same time, the time when all issues could have been resolved through Twitter hopelessly sink into oblivion, and to solve problems have all run across a moss-covered offices, stand in long queues to pay for “accelerating the resolution of issues.”

During this time, the Mask flies to Mars and return to Earth. And a huge industrial battery in Poltava region will stand and rusting, waiting for “restructuring”, and then announced a deal to resell the object to use it as a tank of fuel.