The Netherlands can “throw in the trash” Association of Ukraine with the EU media

One of the possible candidates for the post of Prime Minister of the Netherlands van Haersma Boom said that the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union could be “thrown in the dustbin” after the parliamentary elections in the country on 15 March, reports TSN.

It is noted that in the Netherlands the fate of the Association between Ukraine and the EU and because of the Dutch it is still not ratified. If the elections to the Parliament of the far-right will win, it could mean the beginning of disintegration of the whole EU.

In addition to the Booms, the popularity in the country got dithering, “Dutch tramp” Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right populist “freedom Party”. He also opposed the ratification of the Agreement with Ukraine.

Wilders promises to close borders, ban mosques and the Koran, to reduce the retirement age and raise the question of withdrawal of the Netherlands from the European Union. The current Prime Minister mark Rutte, even wrote an open letter saying that migrants must “behave well” because the margin of Wilderson rated them almost equal.

We will remind, in February, the lower house of the Dutch Parliament ratified the Association agreement with Ukraine. The upper chamber will have the final say only after the election.