Democrats against Russia playing with fire

Two months after the defeat of the Hillary Clinton idea, the most uniting congressional Democrats, is that Russia is to blame. Party leaders are stepping up efforts and go on the offensive, using the approach during the presidential campaign gave no results — trying to attribute to Donald Trump guilt in connection with the actions of the Kremlin.

More interested in how to play up to the media than right to speak about the economic problems of the industrial Midwest and other States, which ensured the presidency to Trump the democratic leadership much more readily would prefer to put a scapegoat, Vladimir Putin, than to delve into how it lost touch with the voters among the working class.

Meanwhile, increasing inflammatory anti-Russian rhetoric is extremely dangerous. It could lead to a military confrontation between the two countries, each of which has thousands of nuclear warheads.

During the proceedings last Thursday in the Senate armed services Committee hearing on the issue of foreign cyber threats, a senior democratic Senator from the state of Rhode island Jack reed (Jack Reed) condemned “the refusal of Russia’s post-cold war international order and its aggressive actions against their neighbors”, while he denounced the “regime of values and interests which is so contrary to our own.” It was just the ranting, the kind of rhetoric that would have caused John foster DULLES (John Foster Dulles) or Barry Goldwater (Barry Goldwater) a sense of pride.

Reid, like many other senators on the Committee seemed eager new cold war, accusing the enemy of cyberagression. “Besides the fact that the Russian government stole information from the national Committee of the democratic party and the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton,” he said, “and carefully chose what information to merge in the media, they fabricated and spread false news and conspiracy theories through an extensive information space of social networks”.

It is not excluded that the email servers of the national Committee of the democratic party and the election headquarters Clinton hacked the Russian government, and it is possible that they passed this correspondence on WikiLeaks. But one can hardly say.

Last weekend, after Friday’s widely publicized report of the office of the Director of National intelligence (DNI) James Clapper (James Clapper), a former journalist with the Associated Press and Newsweek, Robert Parry (Robert Parry) was subjected to report to legitimate criticism. Reviewing the 25-page report to the DNI and get to its very essence, Perry said that in it “there is no direct evidence that Russia had provided WikiLeaks stolen e-mails of the national Committee of the democratic party and the Chairman of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podestà”.

Perry added: “the office of the Director of national intelligence has compiled a list of reasons that suggest that the source of information is the Russian — built mainly on the assertion that Russia, this was the motif in the form of its rejection of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the potential for the development of more friendly relations with the Republican candidate, trump. But it’s a matter (in the form in which it is presented) is one-sided, biased and devoid of any actual evidence”.

Although the reports published on 6 January, the report was dominated by transcripts of official statements, reports from leading media outlets become obvious significant drawbacks. For example, in the article, Scott Shane (Scott Shane), published Saturday in the New York Times, in the ninth paragraph reads: “In the open report of missing something waiting for many Americans, compelling evidence to corroborate intelligence that the Russian government had planned the attack on the electoral system of the United States.

The article reported: “In these circumstances, many in Washington expect that intelligence agencies will collect and publish compelling evidence to dispel all doubts. Instead, the main idea of the report of the intelligence services, in fact, sounds like “trust us.” The report contained the views and comments of experts-criminalists on the basis of which the conclusions were made that it was the work of the famous hacker groups, not to mention the intercepted messages between the Kremlin and the hackers, not the slightest hint of agents that transmit messages from the propaganda machine of Moscow”.

But lawmakers, Democrats doubt or clarification are not interested. They consider the issue of hacking the Russian political trump card. Like it or not, but it certainly is a convenient way to avoid the sobering lessons I had to learn during the last election, realizing the insincerity of the Democratic party, claim that they are fighting for the interests of the workers.

Thus in 2017, the wild desire to beat the drums, speaking out against Putin, quickly became an important part of the identity of the democratic party in the eyes of the public. And — sadly — this can lead to the fact that the party in the future will be politically interested to continue to demonize the Russian government.

The reality is ruthless and can be so catastrophic, that it would be impossible to imagine. Pushing for further polarization of relations with the Kremlin, democratic congressmen contribute to the increased likelihood of a military confrontation with Russia. Together with politicians like Senator-Republican John McCain and Lindsay Graham, in order to exert pressure and escalating with the support of both parties, the Democrats might be among those who will bring down the administration of the tramp out of the way and push her into reckless action.

This offensive is already underway. This is more than irresponsible. This madness that could lead to nuclear disaster.

Norman Solomon is one of the founders of the online activist groups which totals 750 thousand members. Is the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.