At the world economic forum in Davos Ukraine is represented by a unique cognac

17 January in Davos, Switzerland opened the main economic forum of the planet, which largely decided the future of the world. This year the forum is attended by over 3 thousand people – including 50 world leaders. The forum will be the first evaluation of the main surprises of 2016, such as BrExit and the results of the presidential elections in the United States, and will discuss the global challenges of 2017.

This year Ukraine will again be presented to the highest officials of the country – the delegation was headed by Petro Poroshenko.

However, our country will be represented not only politicians, observers and speakers. Unique collection brandies House vintage cognacs “Tavria” will adorn the Central events of the world forum.

10-year-old “Askania” and 15-year-old “Kherson” has been subjected to additional 3-year-old collector’s restraint was appreciated by the organizers of the forum and presented to the highest of his guests.

The secret House of vintage cognacs “Tavria” – a unique Askania terroir, located in close proximity to one of the environmental pearls of the planet – the biosphere reserve “Askania-Nova”, more than 125 years, gives fine cognacs European connoisseurs and collectors. From the French these drinks features a bright full-bodied taste and complex bouquet resulting from the unique soil and climate ascanian region.

The choice of collection cognac “Askania” and “Kherson” for the forum in Switzerland many associate with Swiss roots cognacs “Tavria”. Swiss colonist Jean Jatone is one of the best winemakers in Europe of its time – became the progenitor of viticulture and the production of cognacs “Tavria”, the man who discovered Askania terroir around the world. A few cognac houses in the world can boast a collection cognacs. 6,500 barrels of the best European and Transcarpathian oak has no analogues tiered storage House of vintage cognacs “Tavria” keep precious cognacs aged up to 50 years of age and older. And the range of companies represented in retail, collectible drinks up to 25 years of aging.

International economic forum in Davos, in the first place, is a meeting of representatives of world elite. Political power found in the mountains of Switzerland with the financial elite. According to Klaus Schwab, in Davos also includes all the key international organizations and investment funds. Among the guests of the event – the new UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, the head of us multinational investment company BlackRock Larry Fink and founder of the group of Microsoft bill gates.