In Germany, due to loss of communication with the aircraft was evacuated five nuclear power plants

In five nuclear power plants in Germany were evacuated because of the plane in the air space of the country with which communication was lost.

According to DW, we are talking about nuclear power plants in the Federal States of Schleswig-Holstein (at brunsbüttel and Nuclear) and lower Saxony (Grohnde, Lingen and Unterweser).

After the evacuation of on-site stations were only a minimal part of employees, as provided for emergency cases.

Reportedly, the contact with the plane, which was flying to London, he stopped over Hungary, and then in the airspace of the Czech Republic into the sky was raised by two of the interceptor.

Further, over Germany, escort aircraft took the Belgian air force.

In the Ministry of environmental protection and the transition to alternative energy sources in Schleswig-Holstein claim that the situation is quickly smoothed over.

Interruption of communication from the plane could be due to technical malfunction or misuse.