Author Iduna told about working on the female version of the sculpture

A sculptor from the Netherlands Margriet van Brefort, creates an image of Iduna working on his female version. This follows from the entries in her Instagram.

“Work, work, work. New sculpture. What would it be? Idun or Iduna?” she said the last two words in writing English and the Cyrillic alphabet.

In another post the artist posted a sketch of a new product.

#workinworkinworkin #newsculpture #process #whatwillitbe #zhdun or #zhdunya ? #edun #Iduna

Publication of Margriet van Breevoort (@margrietvanbreevoort) Mar 10 2017 10:29 PST

A hybrid of elephant and insect Loxodontus named Homunculus, was created as a “companion” to patients waiting to see a doctor. The sculpture was installed on the bench at Leiden University.