Man attacked with an ax at people in Dusseldorf, placed in a mental hospital

Man attacked with an ax at people in Grand Central station Dusseldorf (Federal state of North Rhine — Westphalia), placed in a psychiatric clinic, said Friday the Prosecutor’s office, citing the court’s decision.

Earlier, the German media reported that on Friday a man with an axe attacked the visitors of the station in düsseldorf. Injured ten people, including 80-the summer pensioner, and also two citizens of Italy. Four people received severe injuries to the head. Currently, their lives are out of danger.

The assailant was a 36-year-old resident of the unrecognized Republic of Kosovo, in his apartment were found documents showing that the man suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He suffered serious injuries trying to escape from police from the scene. Police did not initially linked the incident with terrorism.