What is important to know the woman at the exit of the decree: tips

Decree long in three years to knock out of the rut any woman. But it is important to take the right steps to return to work as comfortable as possible.

The Director of personnel of the company SoftClub Kseniya Kruchinina told about how to return from maternity leave prepared professionally and morally, reports Work.ua.

According to Kruchinina, it is important to consider the output from the decree as a well-oiled process.

What is useful to know the woman at the exit of the decree

1. Try before leaving on maternity leave to agree with the supervisor how long you plan to be in it, and to agree on the approximate date of your exit.

2. If after birth the situation has changed and the previously agreed date has shifted, be sure to inform the employer about it.

3. Analyze the market to understand what terms you may qualify, leaving the old place or finding a new job.

How to analyze the market:

To see what wages employers are offering for your profession.

To see how much money ask the applicants (your competitors).

Ask the colleagues and friends who may own a digit of wages, as they have in the company gets the specialist of your profile.

Ask a friend HR-a or HR officer.

How to prepare yourself for the end of the maternity leave:

1. To return to the professional level. If the decree you are constantly supported him — then fine. If came to the computer just to watch a movie and check out the social network, you have a lot of work.

At least 8 months before the release of their decree have to draw up a programme of study.

How to raise your professional level:

Major courses full-time and remote.

Master classes.

Chatting with a friend-an expert (you can invite a colleague for a Cup of coffee and ask them to tell you trends in the industry).

Communication forums, communities, groups in social networks.

Execute a small project work order (if the industry allows).

2. For 6, 3 and 1 month before the release of contact with the employer and confirm their willingness to come and learn the internal situation in the company.

3. If your place is busy and you hear and feel that the employer like the current employee and the situation, initiate an honest conversation and try to discuss your options.

What are the possibilities of:

  • To go to 0.5 or even 0.25 bet.
  • To go to another job/position in the company.
  • To offer the Manager to address the issues that must be addressed, but no one reached (in any company there are a whole set).
  • To go for very minimal money and is actively looking for another job (of course, discuss this with the employer). Look for a better job while working than after three years of the decree to go out: you adapt to the schedule, and the new location will be socially prepared.

4. To prepare their home. To discuss the situation, who will remain with the child if he is sick, who is going to break and come in case of an accident how to close the issue of travel to what time the mother might be working late, and if dad is to endure. This is the most important. If the mother decided to fully go to work, then all the situations that will aggrieved the mother’s employer, should be specified.

A key stumbling block, intimidating employers — it is not a loss of skills and a situation when mom can’t take the time to work because a child something happened. Or she is unable to properly perform its functions, because he did not want to go on a business trip or late for an important meeting.

No employer wants his business suffered for the reason that the employee has a personal difficulty. One or two times you can go to a meeting, but if one of the three months two weeks working and the rest of the time sitting at the hospital, it is likely that the decision to withdraw was premature.

Instead of a summary.

If you feel that the employer does not want your return, of course, you can reclaim your workspace in accordance with the law. But such returns are often end badly. If the employer takes no joy the news of your desire to return, we must conclude that, turning the page of life in this company and move on.