No harm to the body: how much coffee do you drink per day

The best way to cheer up is to drink a Cup of fragrant coffee. However, caffeine induced burst of energy could affect the body, says

According to the calculation of the reference book “World drink trends” every year in the world drink 500 000 000 000 cups of coffee of a particular type and the average consumption of one inhabitant of the planet is 4.2 kg of coffee beans per year. Ukrainians took the 62nd place in the list, using just 1.4 kg.

In Finland and Sweden drink about 200 litres per capita per year. Little behind Austria, Portugal and Estonia in these countries, one inhabitant is approximately 100 liters.

How much caffeine in drinks:

– Black coffee 65-120 mg
– Espresso – 30-60 mg
Latte or cappuccino coffee – 100-120 mg
– Energy drinks – 80-100 mg
– Tea – 10-50 m

If you hold the level of caffeine intake of below 400-500 mg, you are out of risk zone. It is a safe rule, which does not cause such side effects as increased heart rate, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, dizziness, and blurred vision. Barista, for example, and do: drink about 1-2 cups of coffee and a couple of cups of tea during the day. Dunn norm they, like the people who are dealing with coffee, coffee drinkers were chosen intuitively. And according to doctors, this method is correct. Don’t drink coffee just for the company. Drink only when you want. So you define your normal.

Beware: the caffeine affects the heart and kidneys, has a certain effect on the nervous system. The symptoms you will feel immediately.

Caffeine acts on the Central nervous system, increasing heart rate and blood flow. You feel the energy, the concentration increased instantly. But the fact of the matter is that the short-term effect of stimulating effect and there is a shortage of caffeinated drinks. During the energy bust fatigue occurs about an hour after the caffeine is metabolized in the body.

In susceptible individuals a high level of caffeine (especially after lunch) also can affect sleep or cause a restless night. But over time our body adapts to caffeine. For example, if earlier a single Cup of drink for you was more than enough, now you want the second and third. By setting a clear limit, which accepts your body, you will find the key to not drinking coffee too much and too often.

Black coffee and espresso are considered to be low in calories

Drinking too much coffee is also bad for your figure, because in many cases, added calories via sugar, milk, cream and syrups. Black coffee and espresso contains a minimum of calories in comparison with a latte and a cappuccino. In addition, if over a long period, regularly drinking coffee with milk, this leads to the fact that the liver accumulates fat.

Drink more plain water and less coffee

Excessive consumption of coffee, likely also means that you are drinking insufficient amounts of water. Dehydration causes fatigue, lethargy and can slow down the digestive system, which means you will have to suffer heartburn, flatulence, bloating. So, rather than be tempted to drink an extra Cup of coffee, better pour yourself a glass of clean water.

Coffee is contraindicated for people with heart diseases

People with heart disease need to be especially careful with the consumption of coffee. Caffeine is able to significantly accelerate the heart rate. If your heart is all right, 400-500 mg of caffeine per day is your approximate rate.