Russia wants to Excel in the field of ecology

In Russia, which has declared 2017 as the year of ecology, problems associated with environmental pollution. The government is going to resort to education in the field of environmental protection to the citizens of the country were able to overcome the feeling of powerlessness. The year of the environment will conduct at a very high level, and the company will not be able to ignore it.

Russia engaged in preparations for holding the Year of ecology in the past year. President Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree was little more than a year ago.

Among the goals is to improve the ecological security of the country and to focus on the protection of nature.

In 2017 will be allocated to three key points: reduce emissions, improve recycling and improve the energy industry.

In simple terms, this means that factories and industries need to invest in treatment facilities and filters, the landfill will close and repair the waste of energy will decrease.

The Ministry of natural resources and environment has compiled a list of tasks, which now more than 200 different items.

In the list there are small events such as car free day or day of harvest, covering the whole country. There are large-scale projects, covering waste and emissions of factories.

Enterprises can not ignore the year of the environment

Enterprises are obliged to improve their work. It is better to observe these instructions. The year of the environment will be carried out on such a high level that businesses can’t ignore it.

President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly talked about the need for improvements in the field of environmental protection. The Year of ecology controls the former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. He is in the inner circle of the President.

For example, the owner of the company “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin recently said in an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti” about his intention to close by 2019, old factories, which are located in Pechenga.

In the balance — health

Russia is full of different environmental problems, from toxic emissions to waste.

In some regions the situation is severe so that the level of pollution affected the health of people. Russia needs a change in this matter. However, the year of the environment was conducted before, but a significant improvement did not follow them.


In General, the Russians don’t seem interested in environmental issues.


This time in Russia want to raise awareness about the environment and tell what to improve it can do.

Muscovite Ivan believes that he himself is nothing you can do for the environment. In addition, he does not trust neither the officials nor businesses.

“It’s business as usual, although all need to breathe fresh air,” he says.

After thinking a little, Yanukovych still remembers that doing something good for the environment. He has a foreign car with a small amount of emissions — it’s a small step for the environment.

Pollution affects the quality of life

Teacher Victoria gamel ‘ says that for the sake of nature she is involved in cleanup, planting in residential neighborhoods trees. She doesn’t litter, teach it to their children and students.

Of gamel ‘ is concerned about the water quality. She hopes that there will be built a new wastewater treatment plant, and the company will comply with the requirements to reduce emissions.

“The waters have to be clear that the houses were clean drinking water,” says she.

In Russian cities usually don’t drink water from the tap and not use it for cooking. For these purposes the water is too polluted.

Many nature reserves

The year of ecology in Russia at the same time is the year of the reserves.

The first nature Park in Russia — Barguzin, located near lake Baikal in the southern part of Eastern Siberia. It was created in 1917. Today in Russia there are more than 200 different preserves, 49 of which are national parks.

In addition, the purpose of the year of ecology is to focus on the protection of nature. It is expected that within a year there will be some new national Park.

It is worth remembering that in a large country is like a large-scale environmental problems, and breathtaking scenery.