In the French zoo, poachers have killed a Rhino

In the French zoo Rhino poachers shot dead – presumably, this is the first such incident in Europe. The Rangers found Vince, four white Rhino, in his enclosure in the zoo of Thoiry, near Paris. One of his horns was cut off with a chainsaw, he told police.

The horns of the African rhinoceros are very expensive on the black market, and poachers in the wild every month killed about 100 animals. However, the poachers, apparently for the first time chose as the victim of a rhinoceros living in a European zoo.

The intruders who broke into zoo, three shot Vince in the head. They took a horn, a kilogram of which is estimated at more than 60 thousand dollars (one horn weighs several kilograms). They may be prevented, when they tried to cut off the second horn – attackers threw him out, not cut through.

Two other white Rhino at the zoo is a 37-year-old Gracie and a five-year Bruno – “escaped the massacre,” according to the institution.

France banned trade in ivory and horns last year.