American policy, erode the distrust and paranoia

Barack Obama, with high probability, did not do what it accuses Donald trump. Former US President did not give instructions about the wiretapping of the presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. For this he lacked authority. So when trump from the morning on Twitter on Obama unleashes a flurry of such accusations, it is first of all evidence of his paranoia and inability to control their emotions.

However, something trump probably right: someone from the state security or intelligence services provides media information. At the moment, the media has had too many stories based on information from confidential sources that tell about relationships between close associates trump and Russia to believe in coincidences. What are these links often unknown — secret meetings, phone conversations took place in spite of any denials. All very vague and doubtful.

Is Trump really harm their own people?

The main question is why this information is leaked to the media? Trump and his associates is obsessed with the idea of the existence in Washington of a “deep state”, a gang of Obama allies who are serving in intelligence, the FBI, the Department of State and other representatives permeated the left wing of the government, intending to harm the Tramp and overthrow him as head of state. From the point of view of the trump, all these machinations are something of a coup against the legitimate President.

And intriguers, whatever they were, probably have a different opinion. From what they say in Washington, it appears that the agencies are working well-informed people who do quite seriously believe trump’s nothing more than a puppet of Vladimir Putin. First President it pushed the Russian special services, and now trump is subordinate to Moscow, and maybe he even blackmailed. “The safe is open, jewelry there, and Putin’s wife a new pearl necklace” — so for the most part a very knowledgeable man describes the mindset of those security personnel who are taking care of their own country, have leaked.

Which version is true? Is elected President of trying to shoot, because he, according to intelligence agencies, chose the wrong policy toward Russia? Or is nameless patriots in the government trying to save the United States and the entire free world? Nobody knows.

Here, however, we know: American policy is corrosive distrust. And this will continue until you fail to understand the “trump and Russia”. Americans have a right to know their President is doing any illegal business with Moscow or the intelligence services there are people who arrogantly ignore the will of the voters? The rest of the world, compelled to be reconciled with the presence of trump as President, at least has a legitimate interest in seeing to understand the situation.

The only authority that can bring clarity in this issue is Congress. However, he scarcely shows his interest.