Duda reminded Putin about the debt to Poland and Ukraine

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda reminded Russia that it needs to return to Warsaw and Ukraine in order to talk about good-neighborly and partnership relations. Andrzej Duda believes that Russia should not only return to Poland the wreckage of the presidential Tu-154 that crashed near Smolensk on 10 April 2010, but also to return the Crimea to Ukraine. The President said in the TV channel TVP1, according to Polish radio.

“This is an obvious and clear violation of international law. Due to the fact that I said we expect compliance with international law, which is a guarantee of peace,” – said Duda. The President stressed that Poland supports all steps that contribute to the end of the war in Ukraine and is firmly against “any provocations”.

Duda also noted that Poland is a NATO member, like other member States of the Alliance, so she wants to have guarantees of security under the North Atlantic Treaty on collective defence. “I want to have real guarantees of security, not only on paper, under article 5. This guarantee of security is the presence of forces of NATO in our country, and we tried taking the resolution of the previous NATO summit. This goal has been achieved,” – said the President of Poland.

Security generates power, not the Treaty, said the Polish President. He added that today is a colossal work in the presence of the allied forces in Poland. “When people ask me, what is it to You, I say: for what we have for many years with NATO, but don’t have the feeling that NATO is with us,” said Duda.