In Kiev, preparing for the explosion of flower “bomb”: how to make flowerbeds of the city

Very soon the capital’s flowerbeds will be a huge number of colors. As the city preparing for a major beautification of the flower beds and what colors will decorate the capital, found “Today”.

A MILLION COLORS. In greenhouses KO “Kievzelenstroy” the work goes on all year round. In order from spring to late autumn, the city has always maintained beauty in the flower beds, the flowers in the greenhouses are thrown in several stages, and then as necessary, a new plant, is wilted. “Just in Kiev about 3 hectares of flower beds, and decorate, grown in greenhouses millions of colors. Most annuals — begonias, Tagetes, Coleus, petunias, ageratums, and very beautiful pelargonium”, — told the “Today” in “Kievzelenstroy.”

In the greenhouse UZN Obolon district by the number of colors is breathtaking! There is simultaneously growing about 300 thousands of colors on an area of 2,500 sqm For the whole season, then grow to a million flowers in pots — that is, the entire city of about 10 million! “Will look like flower beds, expect our designers, agronomists, and from their failures we plant the desired number of plants. In the greenhouse daily are 13 people during the holidays we even have a duty. Start to sow flowers in different periods. Those that grow from the seeds, Petunia or begonia in November, and the cuttings of pelargonium or Petunia, in the end of January, February and even March,” — tells us propserity Oksana Music, head of production, greenhouse and greenhouse farming Obolon district.

AS IN EGYPT. Plants watered daily and sometimes twice a day. Also they are fed with fertilizers. Experts say that root not all flowers — only 98%. By the way, the temperature in the greenhouse is high enough, as in Egypt in the winter — +25-28 degrees!

“In some greenhouses of the city already has an automatic watering, but we do only manual
— hose,” say the workers. When it will begin to plant flowers for beds depends on the temperature of the air, the earth needs to warm up a little. Usually floral transformation starts in may.

Toiler. Girls manually put in a day for 5-7 magazines flowers

Up. Hundreds of white hanging pots with flowers for parkways

Acrime flowering “cuddles”

Cat-grower. Sometimes guests visited the main inspiration

Dive. In the greenhouse this involved 13 experts

As in Egypt. The air temperature in the greenhouse +25-28 degrees

Hard work. Care for the plants regularly

Small floral Kingdom

Marina. Knows how to heal sick flowers

Street decor. Bowls with flowers will decorate Dniprovskiy district


To city flowerbeds were always blooming and groomed, Kievzelenstroy promptly remove faded and plant new plants. And in the summer, their daily watering. This year plan to equip the city’s 60 new water sprinkler systems. But the main problem in the capital remains the theft of plants. One of the most egregious cases occurred two years ago — a night dug 500 rose bushes in the Park city area! “The theft of plants in the city is one of the biggest problems, in addition to colors (in the past year, was stolen more than 30 thousand different plants. — Ed.) and steal shrubs and even dig novopashenny trees” — complain “Kievzelenstroy”.


In the greenhouse the flowers are grown not only for beds but also for vases along the capital’s roads. For example, the prospectus Bazhana or Heroes of Stalingrad. “Pelargonium planted on beds, and in hanging bowls or pots (low colors). Even for bowls cultivated dipladenia and also for decor — spiderwort” — explain specialists. In many parts of the bowls are planted bright green Sedum. The range of colors is huge — about 50 species. And care of flowers is quite time consuming. A hostess in greenhouses has to dive (to plant out the seedlings in a separate container) about a thousand plants. Employees of greenhouses assure that every plant is very sensitive and will accept it or not depends on the energy of the person and his mood. “Sometimes with the plant that fades, it is just nice to talk to and little to look after him,” — experts say. They identified the whimsical flower is the begonia: to grow it, it takes about four months. Pelargonium is also growing slowly, but it is more persistent. In the Dnieper area, which will host the Eurovision song contest, will be planted about one million flowers, mostly petunias, 70 thousand begonias — 60 thousand, ageratum — 40 thousand by the Way, the Eurovision song contest in the capital will create 10 panels of flowers, but while the sketches of the compositions are kept secret.

Begonia is a popular flower


Especially for holidays such as February 14 and March 8, in the municipal greenhouse grown plants for sale: tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths. But, it turns out that in this case is not so simple! For example, tulips need a lot to see and to know the specific secrets. It turns out that the Bud of a Tulip was large and beautiful, in a certain period of flowers covered with special materials, creating for them the darkness, but still need to withstand temperatures around 12 degrees. “The money from the sale of tulips, daffodils go into creating art-objects from flowers, for example, the Eiffel tower height of 5 meters near the Park “Victory”. By the way, in greenhouses often experiment. “Recently, our head gave the seeds of hibiscus (China rose), now care for the plant”, — told in confidence by one employee and greenhouse.

Blooming bright hyacinth

Tulips ready for the holiday